The Community Connect Program was conceptualized and launched immediately post Covid-19 lockdown to support our students and their loved ones during a difficult period. Our dedicated staff worked around the clock to provide a plethora of activities to not only our students but also to everyone around the globe, all for no cost to the participants.

We are proud to announce that the program has achieved its objective, having supported our community in the time of need. The success of the program was seen through an increasing number of participants by the week and 100+ affirmations we received. What we have achieved would not have been achieved without your constant support – be it through constructive feedback, reviews, spreading the word, conducting workshops, or writing blogs.

As we culminate our Ekya Community Connect program, we would like to thank each one of you for your enthusiasm and positive spirit by making our time together both productive and fun. To capture our time together, we partnered with Mayur Channagere, Founder of Photomojo and an Ekya parent to create a Community Connect video.

Watch how the pandemic made us more connected and united through the Community Connect Program here.

We can’t wait to meet you again as the school reopens and we continue an innovative 2020-21.

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