At Ekya, we are constantly striving to deliver best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


Ms. Meghana Ravindranathan | Ekya ITPL

"Our children have been studying in Ekya ITPL for four years and we have to say that the school has done a brilliant job in ensuring a smooth seamless transition from physical to virtual classroom.Every single effort has been taken to make the kids feel at home in an online setting - from morning meetings to informal breakfast club sessions, co-curricular activities and Book Nook to encourage reading and sharing thoughts online. All the teachers are doing a wonderful job in keeping the kids creatively engaged and stimulated at all times during classes.

A lot of thought and meticulous planning has gone into how the course content has been managed, how tests are conducted, how kids are occupied at the optimum level of activit. We would really like to commend the staff and management for ensuring such an enriching experience for the kids.

The Schoology platform has been excellent for children and parents and reviews were also conducted without a single hitch. We are extremely grateful to the Team Ekya ITPL, and we cannot express how lucky and thankful we are that our kids are studying at such an amazing school."

Priya Venkat | Ekya JP Nagar

"We have been with Ekya JP Nagar for 6 years. I am extremely happy with the school and would highly recommend it for 3 reasons. Firstly, the academic advantage - the curriculum followed by the school is an amalgamation of ICSE and IGCSE board. The topics taught to younger classes focus more on concepts than memory-aids.I have noticed that as early as Grade 4 students are exposed to a wide range of topics at an introductory level. Secondly, the attitude of the staff, teachers, and support staff alike. The enthusiasm of the teachers is exemplary. Not only are their teaching methods interesting, they collect detailed feedback on the pupils, their strengths and unique abilities and how to improve them. Thirdly, we are pleasantly surprised with the way Ekya handled the Covid situation. The online classes were neatly planned, the links given to students were seamless with no place for confusions, homework distributed and collected on time and tests conducted on schedule. We are very happy to be with Ekya! "

Ms. Gunjan & Mr. Atul | Ekya BTM

"We would sincerely like to thank each one of you at Ekya fro giving my child an excellent platform on which he is thriving. Our special note of gratitude to the class teacher who has been a phenomenal influence on our son’s learning. We have seen our child grow leaps and bounds in his ability to learn and more importantly 'learn to learn’. We would also like to commend her willingness to give time and space to our child and other children to take it at their own pace."

Mr. Bhaskar Kiron Vedantam | Ekya JP Nagar

"We wanted to place on record our sincere thanks and gratitude to Ekya and Ekya’s teaching staff of JP Nagar for the positive impact, we see in our daughter Anika Kiron Vedantam (E3 Juniors) since she joined Ekya. Anika’s verbal communication showed significant improvement in diction, sentence formation, and clarity. We see her more sharply focussed on the things she is working on. We also noticed that she applies herself to tasks at hand a lot more steadily. We feel so happy to see her grow so fast to be a girl who is confident about her abilities and ideas."

Mr & Mrs. Sandeep Subbakrishna | Ekya JP Nagar

"I am writing this email to you to express the happiness and gratitude to EKYA school and all its core team members for doing a commendable job in managing to conduct the online classes for our little ones in these uncertainties and making sure that our children would not have to miss their learning due to the pandemic.

Firstly the school has done a great job in organizing the classes through the Schoology app and from the first day of school they have ensured a seamless learning experience for our child and its user-friendly features make it easier for us to connect to all the sessions without any hassles.

Most importantly we would like to thank Sanjita ma'am for her incredible amount of patience and her unique way of connecting with my child to help her get accustomed to the new way of schooling at this very young age. We were very apprehensive about the online classes for our daughter as we felt she was too young and if she would be willing to sit through the classes. But Sanjita ma'am instilled confidence in us and she got our daughter to enjoy and connect with the classes.

We can vouch for the growth in our child concerning her conduct and vocabulary skills due to the efforts and unique way of teaching and curriculum. Each child is given equal attention concerning their age and learning abilities. Sanjita Ma'am has put in additional efforts to connect through one on one sessions to help the child adjust to the virtual interaction and follow what has been taught in the class.

Today our child enjoys attending school even though it is only virtual at this stage and looks forward to meeting her teacher and her friends soon in the physical school. We are eager to meet the teachers and other parents in person which would have been possible by now if not for the pandemic."

Ms. Pavitra Gangatkar | Ekya JP Nagar

"I would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the teachers of the school and transformed the learning curriculum into an online mode.
I would like to mention that we are pleased with the way our kids are learning under Ms. Swalika Malik who is very comfortable yet firm with kids. I would also like to mention Ms. Shanthi Shetty and Ms. Swetha who are putting their best efforts into making learning fun and enjoyable even if it's online!"

Ms. Aparna Taneja | Ekya Byrathi

"The way teachers make their students learn, the way the students are being groomed for future is very interesting and encouraging. I am amazed that the transition from regular schooling to online schooling has been absolutely seamless."

Ms. Divya NC | Ekya Byrathi

"With the support of excellent and caring staff at Ekya, I have seen Drisha transforming and growing her social skills, curiosity, resilience, creativity, integrity, and assertive skills which have added to her confidence and the overall element of fun while learning."

Mr. Vipin & Ms. Sherin | Ekya ITPL

"We are parents of Alexis Vipin, student of Ekya ITPL preprimary Mont Senior. As the academic year is coming to a close, we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the genuine care, empathy and consideration from his class teacher Rakhi Grover towards our child. He was in good hands and we can't thank her enough.

We are looking forward to his continued journey in Ekya School and are waiting for the school to resume again in June."

Ms. Jalpa | Ekya BTM

"It’s just been one year at Ekya BTM Layout for my daughter and I see a very independent and confident thinker and writer in her. There is a marked improvement in her communication skills. She has developed a creative outlook for solving problems. At Ekya BTM, I am extremely pleased with the teacher and the staff who work hard and take complete responsibility for teaching. No homework and no revision needed."

Ms. Subhashri | Ekya ITPL

"Both my daughters go to Ekya ITPL and are very happy with the school. The teaching methodology here is different and the children get to learn practically rather than by studying only theory. The best thing that I like about the curriculum is that the exam question papers test the understanding of the subject. There is tremendous commitment and engagement between students and teachers. I like the way the school events are conducted - very well organised from start to finish. Finally, I like the concept of parents being able to meet the teachers for discussion one-on-one on any given day with prior appointment. There is always room for improvement for the school but overall I’m happy that my children enjoy learning at Ekya."

Ms. Viji | Ekya ITPL

"My daughter is happy and is always looking forward to school. We are happy with her progress at Ekya!

It was the third quarter of 2016, and my daughter was in Grade X in a popular international school. We were hunting for a good school for her to complete her Grades XI and XII - one that didn’t have thousand students, making it difficult for the management and faculty to pay attention to each child or listen to their parents. We wanted a grounded schooling during these two crucial years.

Many school visits later, we came to Ekya, and immediately loved the place. The environment was just right; it wasn’t too small, nor was it too big. From the beginning, we liked our interaction with the school administration. We were happy when my daughter secured admission into the school. It has the right mix of academics and extracurricular activities.

One year down the line and we are glad we made the choice. We have liked so many aspects of the school. The Open Day was perhaps one of the best we have ever witnessed. The exhibits, play, and the Sound and Light show were unique and so interesting. Kudos to the teachers for helping the students bring out their best!"