Technology is a major factor in the lives of millions of students. Wherever we go, we see technology improving the lives of students. However, as useful as technology is, it has a dark side that affects students in a dangerous and bad way. So, this leads us to the controversial question:Is technology a boon or a curse?

Technology has made significant positive changes in the society. Schools, with the help of modern technology such as computers, interactive T.Vs and platforms like power school, google classroom and BYJUs, are capable of providing practical learning to budding students. With the help of technology, students understand what they are taught and can apply it in real life easily. Thanks to technology, school has become a place where students love to go.

Even outside the classroom, students can share notes online, research, annotate, collaborate on work, have study groups, share courses and create virtually creative content online with the help of apps like google drive.

Even social media platforms like facebook and twitter are places where students can connect with each other to share ideas, articles and other resources with each other.

However there’s always a catch. Wrong utilization of technology can cause a lot of distress in the society. Constant addiction to video games, Facebook, Instagram, etc leads to inactiveness which can cause many health issues such as brain and heart diseases, high sugar, obesity and in extreme cases , mental problems, depression, death, accidents, destructive behaviour and suicide.

As students, we need to have a strict routine which balances fitness, studies and fun equally. Due to addiction to mobile phones and other browsing devices, there is an uneven pattern emphasizing more on convenience and satisfaction rather than outdoor and studying activities.

Technology is like a double-edged sword and we must utilize it properly. We must restrict gaming and browsing to certain hours of the day to avoid addiction. We must keep a balanced lifestyle with equal hours for studying, playing and browsing.

By Rohith  Maiyya and Aditya Mehta , 6A

Ekya School, JP Nagar

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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