The Work Exposure Programme (WEP) at Ekya is an opportunity for senior school students to learn about different areas of work, and develop the understanding required to succeed in those professions. It is a way for students to explore future careers as well as gain valuable skills and knowledge that are applicable to all lines of work.

The WEP carefully curates opportunities for students to ensure that participating organisations are both dynamic, innovative work spaces and have the willingness to mentor young minds.

Participating grades: IX-XII

Duration of the programme: One month in the summer (full time)

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WEP 2021

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We launched the WEP – 2021 on January 4th. We adopted a blended module of offline and online internship opportunities this year with 13 unique organisations on-board offering 200+ summer internship positions to our senior students of grade 9 – 12 and the PUC students.

WEP- 2021 is focused on upskilling students by offering hands-on industry exposure and mentorship across diverse roles in the fields such as Interior Design, Architecture, Content Curation, Branding, Digital Marketing, Quality and Compliance, Stock Markets, PR, Horticulture, NGO, Motorsports and more.

With over 270+ applicants this year, Ekya students are all set to explore life outside of school and get college and career ready!

All through the program, the progress of students will be monitored and documented through a specially curated reflective journal.

CRY (WEP-2020)

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Our students interned with CRY(Child Rights and You) for WEP-2020 “Work From Home” module. Through a fundraiser organised with the agenda that students help gather funds to help impoverished children and their families as a part of Covid-19 relief, Ekya Students worked on promotion links on various social media platforms and collectively were able to raise over 2 lakh rupees for the needy within a span of 2 weeks.
The students’ performance was appreciated by CRY and the media alike. WEP-2020 Internship with CRY by Ekya students was recognized and published by Times Of India on May 21st,2020 and The Indian Express May 22nd, 2020, highlighting the impact of the results students accomplished.

Know more about WEP-2020 Internship with CRY

Inside the Work Exposure Program 2020

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WEP-2020, designed exclusively for our students to have an exposure to the professional working environment,adopted the “Work From Home” module for our students. With over 150+ applications to intern with our WEP-2020 partners namely organisations like CRY, AVASAR Foundation, Diya Foundation, XLR8, AECS, Sandesh, U&I, JobsForHer, Photomojo, Dr.Zamindars Microsurgical Clinic, Green Pocket, Casa De Goa, Crazy Holidays,Reap Benefit and Samarthanam. We have successfully completed the new module of “Work From Home” this WEP-2020.

Inside the Work Exposure Program 2019


Our senior students who had opted for Work Exposure Programme (WEP) have interned at various organizations like Advance Education & Computer Services, XLR8, Olive Planet, Play Arena, The Green Pocket, Goobes Book Republic, Vita Beans Neural Solutions, Arius Holidays, Photomojo, Reap Benefit, Bengaluru FC, Lodestar and Crazy Holidays.

Our students have also interned at NGOs such as U&I, Sandesh, Avasar Foundation, Key Education Foundation, Diya Foundation, Indus Action, Udhyam Learning Foundation, CRY-Child Rights and You and Reap Benefit.

The students shared their experience and learning at WEP and here are a few blog links that sum up their experience at WEP.

Internship at Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Internship at Indus Action

Internship at Goobe’s Book Republic

Internship at Photo Mojo

Internship at Advance Education & Computer Services (AECS)

Employer Feedback on our students

Inside the Work Exposure Program 2018


Interning at Key Education Foundation

Ms. Sripriya S from Grade 10, Ekya School ITPL shares her experience so far with her time at Key Education Foundation who work with children from low-income communities to ensure that they get access to quality early education.

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Interning at The Actors Collective

Working with actors to learn Playback Theatre, teaching rhymes to underprivileged children at Diya Ghar, assisting children with disability at the Spastic Society of Karnataka with their skit practice – Rajkaushik from Grade 11 of Ekya School ITPL takes us through his eventful and memorable internship with The Actors Collective.

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Interning at PhotoMojo

Dharun Sankar, from Grade 10 talks about his exciting internship experience at PhotoMojo, a leading photo, and videography production house in the city while sharing some breathtaking images from his time there.

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Interning at Udhyam Learning Foundation

Malayeeka Kulsum shares her humbling experience with her internship at Udhyam that teaches children how to do business, introducing them to real business scenarios, based on their interests and strengths.

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