The Ekya Learning Center is a team of dynamic, forward thinking individuals that chart Ekya’s future steps. They bring research, pedagogic approaches and curricular advancements from around the world into Ekya classrooms.

In this changing world, we can no longer expect students to learn how we did 10 years ago. Curriculum, instruction, assessment and culture must be relevant and context-driven. Ekya believes in structuring learning experiences that challenge the students and harbor a quest for mastery. Through intentional planning, the Ekya Learning Center pilots, tests and implements curricular changes and interventions.


Paranjyothi Swamy
Instructional Designer, Language Program-Kannada

Mr. Paranjyothi builds the Kannada curriculum for Ekya. With over 11 years of teaching experience at CMR High School, he has trained students from across the country and the world, helping them master the language of Karnataka. Passionate about making learning an enjoyable process, Mr. Paranjyothi is developing methods through which Kannada can be effectively taught to non-native speakers. As a teacher, he firmly believes in interactive lessons, employing activities to make his lectures interesting and fun.

Carrying a B.A in Kannada, History and Education from Gulbarga University, Mr. Paranjyothi holds a Bachelor’s in Education from MLMN College of Education, Chikkamagaluru and a Master’s in Kannada from Karnataka University. Empathetic at heart, Mr. Paranjyothi is an ardent follower of folk music and dance, and an active participant in theatre – directing skits, role plays and short dramas.

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Ekya Learning Centre - Shobha Sivaramakrishnan

Shobha Sivaramakrishnan
Head, Ekya Learning Center

Serving as the Manager of Ekya Learning Center, Ms. Shobha Sivaramakrishnan is the earliest member of the Ekya Learning Center and is known for her positive and ‘can-do’ attitude. Ms. Sivaramakrishnan believes that the process of learning and not the product is the sign of a good education system. She also believes in the development of essential life skills in children by fostering a creative learning environment and in inculcating reflective practices in students will help them become critical thinkers who can face challenging real-world situations.

Her role at Ekya includes developing programs of work, implementing comprehensive evaluation modules across campuses and contributing to curricular changes throughout the year. As part of the teacher orientation program, she conducts workshops on visual thinking and the documentation of learning material through portfolio management. She is self-taught Google Apps advocate and helps the Ekya community use online tools for technology-rich learning. Ms. Sivaramakrishnan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a Diploma in interior design. She has also attended the Teaching for Understanding course conducted by the Wide World Foundation developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is a gifted artist and a doting mother of two.


Ms Ahlada Sudersan
Associate Manager, Ekya Learning Center Primary and Middle School Curriculum

Ms. Ahlada has been part of Ekya schools since 2012 and has taken on the roles of Computer Science teacher and Lead instructional designer for the Computer Science program prior to becoming the Associate Manager. As the Associate Manager for the Primary and Middle school, Ms. Ahlada leads the primary and middle school curriculum team to bring global best practices in Instruction, Assessment and curricular changes across learning areas. She also helps with training teachers on new technologies, pedagogical tools and content for Computer Science and works towards creating new initiatives and innovations in the educational realm.

Ms. Ahlada’s past work experiences include research in AI and Power Systems, Data analysis and Predictive modelling using AI. She carries a B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation from Madras University, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, a certification in SAS training, and a B.Ed degree. Ms. Ahlada is an avid reader and also enjoys dabbling with watercolours and acrylics when she finds time.


Ms Sharada Jaidev
Associate Manager, Ekya Learning Center Senior School Program and CCG Program

Ms.Sharada Jaidev’s journey in the last 2 decades includes corporate experience with IT majors viz Infosys and Continental Automotive, Germany, educational experience with Learning Edge India Pvt Ltd and social experience with organisations like SOS Village and ASHA Foundation. 

As the Associate Manager for Senior school, she is committed to broadening the intellectual foundation   of today’s learners to become tomorrow’s problem solvers and critical thinkers and enable them to make decisions that will impact the world and the way they live.Ms. Sharada collaborates with the Ekya Learning Centre team to bring new initiatives and global best practices in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and teacher training across learning areas. 

She is the Curriculum designer for Senior School Math and leads the Advanced Program and other Additional Programs, that prepare students for board and competitive exams such as JEE/NEET through deeper conceptual understanding and honing their problem-solving skills and analytical skills. She collaborates with University teams to provide senior school students meaningful experiences to discover their passion and explore their area of interest.

Ms.Sharada also leads the College and Career Guidance team that works towards building awareness through workshops,expert talks, university sessions and helping students make well informed career decisions that culminate in successful admission into a desired program and university.

She holds a B.Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT, Kozhikode, an MA in Education,a Diploma in Child Psychology and a certification in Learning Disability. She is an avid reader and enjoys travel, music and solving puzzles.


Ms Rovino Raikhan
Instructional Designer, Social Science

Ms Rovino is the Instructional Designer for the Social Science curriculum. Her teaching experience as a homeroom teacher, Social Science, IGCSE facilitator and as a Teach For India alumni for the movement towards the education crisis in India, shapes her objective to nurture the holistic development of the child and envisions each learner to have access to quality education; to be confident, empathetic, open minded and unbiased. 

She holds a Masters Degree in Teacher Education and Professional Development with Inclusive Education. She strives to create a learning space for students to explore their learning styles and to provide support for teachers in planning strategies. 

She is very passionate about Art with her love for painting, using mediums of acrylics, pastels, oils, water-colour and mixed media in her artwork. She also enjoys crocheting, macrame craft work, gardening, reading, travel and music. 

A life-long learner, she is committed to continuous improvement of herself and of the world we live in.

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Ms Sharon Alex
Instructional Designer, Science, Biology

Ms Sharon Alex is the Instructional Designer for the Science, Biology curriculum at Ekya. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry and a Masters Degree in Lifesciences from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, with her research work on ‘Antiglycating Properties of Silver Nanoparticles’. She has also achieved a Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminal Law. 

She is committed to helping raise a generation of science-fluent children to be critical thinkers and creative innovators. Her teaching experience as a Teacher Assistant at various summer programmes for gifted children has defined her goal to create and implement scientific inquiry in the curriculum to provide students a platform to see the relevance of science to the real world. 

Awarded the title of an ‘Ambassador of Hope’ for bringing innovation in Education with her project on making online education accessible to all students during the pandemic, she has also worked with underprivileged children from rural villages and HIV positive girls. 

She has a keen interest in Neuroscience and Psychology; and spends her leisure time reading,  with some splashes into art and collecting scale models and figurines. She enjoys road trips, riding bikes, go karting, and says; “Can’t cook but can change a flat tyre!”.


Ms Mahalakshmi Chavan
Instructional Designer, Computer Science

Ms.Mahalakshmi is the instructional designer for Primary and Middle school computer science curriculum. She believes that the true purpose of learning can only be achieved when information can be translated to knowledge applied in the real world. She is of the opinion that with the growing curiosity and widening spectrum of thoughts of young minds, the way to nurture them is by encouraging the inquisitive minds and aiding them to formulate perspectives. As a part of the Ekya learning centre, Ms.Mahalakshmi aims to develop instructional tools and resources that would amalgamate the content driven learning with active learning methodologies.

Ms.Mahalakshmi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and completed her Masters in Structural Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Her past work experiences includes design and detailing of structures using various computer software, research in development of Mathematical models for elastic materials to capture material behaviour in simulations.

Alongside her academic achievements, Ms.Mahalakshmi is also trained in classical Indian art forms namely Bharathnatyam and Carnatic music for over 12 years and accredited as a Doordarshan artist for Bharathnatyam. She is also a fitness enthusiast and practices yoga and Kalaripayattu as a part of her routine.


Ms Teresa George
Instructional Designer, Mathematics

Ms Teresa designs the Primary and Middle school Mathematics curriculum for Ekya. She designs a detailed educational curriculum for Math based on the Singapore methodology of teaching. She creates training course content and guides the Math teachers with the Singapore Math methodology. She believes that Math and logical thinking are an integral part of one’s daily life and can be acquired by all. 

Prior to her work as an Instructional designer, she has worked as a Middle & High school Mathematics and Computer Science teacher. Later she moved on to administrative roles as an Academic coordinator. In her 23 years in the field of school education, she believes that collaborative learning, critical thinking skills and social and organisational skills are imperative for being a future world citizen and being able to solve the problems of the future.

She completed her masters in Computer Application (MCA) and B.Ed and holds the GNIIT title. Ms. Teresa is also CTET qualified and holds a diploma in Special Education Needs (SEN). Her interests include reading, writing, gardening and logical problem-solving.


Ms Vinny Arora
Instructional Designer Lead, Language Program

Ms Vinny Arora is the Language Program Lead at the Ekya Learning Center. Apart from maintaining progression for II and III languages to bring them at par with the standards laid down by  Cambridge for II and III language ,she is also responsible for designing curriculum and instructions for the English learning area for primary, middle and senior school. She is of the opinion that the students should be  equipped with 21st century skills – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity so that they evolve into thoughtful global citizens. Ms Vinny comes with a rich experience of 19 years in the education industry. She has also been part of Project Zero and Innovation in Education during her stint in the education industry in the UAE. 

She holds an Honours degree in English,  B.Ed. and certification as a TEFL instructor.  A trained fashion designer, and qualified teacher trainer, she uses her creativity in designing interesting curriculum and instructions. She prides herself to be punctual and disciplined. She is a voracious reader and an enthusiastic traveller who loves to dance.


Ms Gayatri Ganesh
Instructional Designer, Arts Program

Ms. Gayatri is the Instructional Designer for Makery and the Arts, at Ekya Learning Centre. To her, Art – written word, visuals, theatrical, and spatial are tools in storytelling, sharing narratives that involve introspection to be truly understood. She encourages the process of creating a Piece- an individual’s brainchild- experimenting with different medium(s), exploring non-classical definitions of Art to bring thoughts to life with Play and getting comfortable getting messy while barefoot. 

She is an Architect- R.V College of Architecture, Bangalore and is an experienced Spatial Designer | Visual Artist | Graphic Designer. Author and Illustrator of ‘Old stories and a Poignant Dream’- explores the role of historical spatial narratives in memories, nominated for Archiprix International, 2020. She enjoys experimenting with unconventional tools and objects to create a comfortable in-betweens for Art and Spatial Design. Enthusiastic to create ‘Spectacular Disasters’, she is a self taught bathroom singer, and enjoys People-Watching.


Dr Pooja Maggu
Instructional Designer, Early Years Program

Pooja Maggu develops course content, standards-based curriculum across learning areas for Early Years program. Her role includes designing meaningful learning experiences for young students and empowering teachers to effectively implement the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment- backed by the learnings from the UbD Framework. She also designs professional development sessions and courses for teachers on varied topics across learning areas, and beyond.

She received her PhD degree from the University of Delhi. Her doctoral research explored children’s subjective perceptions about their experiences and feelings at school. Her teaching experiences include working as a teacher educator at Nursery Teachers’ Training Institute and as a guest lecturer at Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi teaching courses related to Human Development. She continued to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students of Lady Irwin College during her PhD tenure. She has also worked extensively in the field of Early Childhood Education, Curriculum Development and Teacher Education.

She holds a postgraduate degree in Human Development and Childhood Studies, and a B.Ed. from University of Delhi. She is the author of articles and chapters on early childhood education, teacher-child relationships, school experiences, and aspects related to culture, gender and resistance in books and journals.

She is an avid reader with a great interest in food, travel, and photography. Also, an amateur artist currently exploring Madhubani and Mandala art.


Mr Suresh B
Admin Assistant, Ekya Learning Center

Mr Suresh is the Admin Assistant at the Ekya Learning Center and supports the team in organisational tasks, creating,updating and maintaining information and documents in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment across learning areas.


Ms Tripti Khanna
Instructional Designer Lead, Language Program

Ms. Tripti Khanna is the Instructional Designer Lead at the Ekya Learning Center.  She is responsible for creating and maintaining English and Hindi Language curriculum for Ekya Schools. After experiencing progressive and child- centred education for 20 years, she has committed herself to transforming the classrooms into experiential learning labs. She has been into designing progressive curriculum and envisions to mentor educators  to efficiently impart the same and become effective leaders. 

As an expressive arts therapy practitioner, she is working with students with learning difficulties and at-risk children at SOS Children’s Village and Taabar, Jaipur. Her arts based sessions with caregivers and the management of these organisations have helped them see and connect with themselves. She has also conducted training sessions for company heads and employees. 

She has served as an educator at many schools like Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurgaon and DPS to name a few and has been instrumental in planning curriculum and teacher and parent empowerment  programs in Schools as a freelancer too.

A theater enthusiast, she is connected with a play- back theater group and has also directed plays in schools and communities. A storyteller by passion, she loves to connect to people through stories and believes in the quote, ‘Universe is not made of atoms but stories’.