QUEST is Ekya’s pre-primary program that ensures our children are
– Challenged with appropriate levels of inquiry and thinking
– Ardent about picking up new knowledge and information alive through various sensorial and stimulating experiences.
– Able to sort out information, look for patterns, raise questions, make relevant observations and connections, review prior knowledge, make sense of the information presented to them and conclude with their own hypothesis.

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A brief overview on our QUEST program

Why the world works the way it does? Do birds have ears? How do wheels move? How do we have different seasons? These are some of the important relevant questions that pre-schoolers are curious about; learning with inquiry and thinking purposefully with direction and interest is essential in the classrooms of the kindergarten students during the Quest sessions.
Early childhood is the stage where students are open minded, curious and stimulated with new thoughts and ideas. This is the perfect opportunity for the students to be engaged with scaffolded interactions, discussions and conversations that will begin to set them off on an inquiry cycle. The Quest classroom aims to keep the thirst for new knowledge and information alive with various sensorial and stimulating experiences.

Each grade level is challenged with appropriate levels of inquiry and thinking. The lower kindergarten students sort out information presented to them, look for patterns, raise questions and make relevant observations and make sense of the information presented to them. Likewise, the upper level kindergarten students take the same skills further by making connections, reviewing prior knowledge, investigating new resources and making their own hypothesis.

Students are taken through the journey of guided inquiry in the classrooms with themes that are chosen at the beginning of the term. Various subjects like science, social science, and arts are chosen for the inquiry cycle. Multiple skills and personal development opportunities are thrown into the classroom discussions to help students enjoy the experiences that a Quest classroom has to offer. Each unit of inquiry is covered for a period of five weeks with activities, interactions, collaborative discussions and individual portfolio assignments. Often, students come forth with new perspectives and ideas that further extend the unit of inquiry to new dimensions and areas.

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