Individualism, ownership and responsibility are at the core of the middle school program.

From grades 6 to 8, when our students step into adolescence, we begin to inculcate within them a spirit of independence and responsibility.

By writing for different purposes in different contexts, and delving deep into authors’ intentions and themes, our students become skilled in written communication through the middle school English program. While the science program branches out into Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the Social Science program explores the socio-economic nuances of Indian and world history, civic participation and citizenship. The Computer Science program keeps the students updated in planning, designing and creating complex digital solutions while maintaining ethical practices and digital safety.

Ekya’s middle schoolers get to choose after-school activities and enroll in clubs like the Editorial Club, Quiz Club, Literary Club, Model United Nations and Theatre Club. Students also attend an outbound learning excursion which combines learning with a sense of adventure.

Individualism, ownership and a sense of responsibility within the middle-schoolers are at the core of Ekya’s middle school program.

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