Physical Education


Sports is an integral part of the Ekya Curriculum which is designed to 1. develop physical, emotional and social skills which can be transferred to Students’ everyday lives, 2. help students acquire a sense of personal responsibility for lifelong health and 3. engage students in movement skills and strategies in various sports.

The students are offered a choice based curriculum covering a wide range of specializations and offerings to choose from, suiting their interests and needs.

Physical Education is offered through multiple offerings ranging from dedicated PE sessions, Community Connect sessions and After School Activities to School Teams, Competitions and Sports / Track and Field events.

School Houses


Students are drafted into their respective school houses from Grade 1 and above. With a calendar dotted with intra-school events, the school’s houses go head-on with students representing them from every grade. The four school houses at Ekya help build a community that encourages healthy competition and present themselves as a playground for the school’s talent to shine. Older students hone their leadership skills by representing their respective houses as House Captains and Prefects on the Student Council, serving as mentors and role-models to their younger house members.


Agni House (Fire)
Change Maker

Motto: I Look Ahead

Characteristics: Vigor, zeal, creativity, enthusiasm, daring, spirituality, energy, initiative.


Vayu House (Air)

Motto: Learning for Life

Characteristics: Kind-heartedness, independent, diligence, optimism, to do with thoughts and images.


Jal House (Water)

Motto: Leading with the Heart

Characteristics: Understanding, devotion, compassion, modesty, internalization, emotions, sensitivity.


Bhoomi House (Earth)

Motto: To Inspire and Achieve

Characteristics: Consistency, firmness, perseverance, responsibility, respectfulness.