These days, children use internet-enabled devices and access the internet from the time they are very young. As children’s internet access becomes more frequent and more independent, parents need to be aware of how they can support their children in learning how to use the internet safely. Apart from being safe themselves, children also need to learn to contribute positively to other people’s online experiences. 

While we are working on internet safety and digital citizenship at school, and taking the necessary precautions to monitor students’ safety, it is also important for parents to reiterate the same message at home. A common strategy that we see parents use is limiting children’s access to the internet. Although monitoring and limiting children’s access to the internet is one way to manage their internet use, it is not the most long-term nor the most sustainable action for parents to take. Instead, we need to find ways to teach children to practice safe online behaviour and create an environment where a child can openly share their concerns with us. 

At Ekya Schools and CMR K-12, we understand these struggles. To help you navigate these discussions with your children as well as other parenting challenges, the team at Ekya Schools and CMR K-12 has put together an online course called Informed and Engaged. The course is on Powerschool and we publish a new module each month. Each module is differentiated by age group, as we understand that children of different ages have different needs. To find the course, please login to your child’s Powerschool account and click on the class titled “Informed and Engaged.”

The focus of the module titled Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship, part of the Informed and Engaged course, is to help parents navigate the process of teaching children about safe behavior on the internet. There are several age-appropriate strategies to help parents supervise their children, but also includes strategies to teach children to be more thoughtful about their use of the internet. We have also shared some resources through which you can get additional information about how to keep your child safe online. The course also shares some useful information about digital citizenship and highlights the importance of being aware of one’s digital footprint with valuable suggestions as to how you as a parent can take care of the same at home. 

You are welcome to share your feedback with us through the feedback form embedded within the module.

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