The environment is everything that determines the life of us, the human beings on this earth. World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year, as declared by the UN General Assembly in 1972. The main aim of observing this day is to change the attitude towards the environment and advocate partnership between each human being and society to ensure a safe future.

Ekya School Byrathi celebrated the world environment day on 04/06/19 Tuesday with full vigor and enthusiasm.

The celebration started with a special morning assembly dedicated to the environment day. The event was followed by showing a short film on Global warming, pollution, and solution for the same. Teachers interacted with the students on how they can become an active citizen to help and change our environment. As a part of this celebration, the students participated in a group activity where they contributed their ideas for change as a Slogan.

This was strengthened further by a short film on Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. The students then reflected upon their new learnings and shared the five changes that they will bring about at an individual level for the welfare of the environment.


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