The world is ever-changing and our students, now more than ever, need to be equipped to make the right choices for their future. We believe that an understanding of the various streams and sub-streams available in every line and an insider’s perspective to what each profession stands for will help our students in making their life choices with confidence and passion. Career day was organized this month at Ekya ITPL campus with the intention of exposing our students to an array of professional choices. A dynamic and intangible experience that facilitates a connection between their academic pursuits and professional endeavors in future and to make an informed decision about their college options and their career aspirations.

The day began with Major Puneeth introducing the students to Career Day. We were then guided to different venues for an expert talk and advice based on our interest.

We were privileged to host experts from various industries who spared their valuable time in guiding our students in the career of their choice. The list of speakers included, Jinendra Gugaliya – Principal Scientist ABB, Deepak Pandiyarajan – Vice President, JP Morgan, Dr.Kavitha Kavi – Gynecologist, Rainbow Children’s hospital, Shamir Abdul Aziz – Program Manager at Microsoft, Archana Mohan – Head Of Content at Bookosmia & Senior Editor Inkling Asia, Wicrant Gambhir – Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd, Maltesh Mattennavar – Art Division, Rockstar Games, Amit Tiwari – Managing Partner – Raise Ur Sales, Anoop Cheeran – Technology, Market and IP Analyst at Royal Philips N.V.

Here is a brief account on a few of the many sessions that had taken place:

Futuristic technologies

Mr. Aziz from Microsoft took time out of his busy schedule to give us an idea about technologies like cloud computing, IOT, Quantum computing, AI, 5G, etc and about how it is destined to change the lives of many. He showed us informative videos along with a demonstration of a basic IOT (Internet Of Thing ) device. The session gave us some clarity to our future and inspired us substantially.

Apparel Industry

The session of Apparel Industry with Wicrant Gambhir was very enlightening and thought-provoking. He spoke about many aspects of the industry and about the many job opportunities within the same. He spoke about the different schools and universities in India and around the world. He was himself an alumni NIFT. He spoke to us about the different exams that are required to be taken in order to get into a university of high standards. We were told to follow excellence, as when we do so, success shall patently follow.

-Kanishka Balaji, XI ‘B’

Sales and marketing

The session of Sales and Marketing with Mr. Amit Tiwari was extremely informative. The feature that made the session stand out was the fact that he spoke from his experiences and we were astonished by his openness. We were given a clear insight into what it is like to be in sales and marketing. He spoke about his journey, from the era when there were no phones, to the present where he owns his own company. He also gave us insights about the ups and downs throughout his journey. The bright end of this career is that you can be a part of marketing from any walk of life. All you need is the knack of convincing people and great communication skills! You get to travel all over the world, meet new people and experience various cultures.

– Elsa Jerry, XI ‘B’


The session we had with Dr. Kavitha Kavi was undoubtedly an eye-opening one. She beautifully elaborated on the journey one has to follow in order to reach their goal to become a successful doctor.  We learned that being a doctor includes several virtues such as patience, the spirit of teamwork and empathy. Ego finds no place in this position and failure is to be accepted. The story of a young girl from a small town, who went from learning English from a weekly newspaper transforming into a successful doctor working at a corporate hospital was truly inspiring. We learned that it was our true hard work and dedication that guides us towards our dream ambition of becoming a doctor. Our session ended with her wishing us luck and advising us to be happy irrespective of the career we choose.

-Aswathi Nair, XI ‘B’

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