In our endeavour to spread awareness regarding the ill-effects of growing traffic, our Grade X & XII students of Ekya School ITPL conducted a traffic awareness campaign in and around Whitefield area two locations on 14th June 2018.

During this Environmental Week, our effort was to sensitize commuters to protect the environment by doing our bit. As responsible citizens, everyone can help to cut emissions and control the air quality by using public transport, cycling and walking.  

The aim was to help citizens to become more environmentally conscious and be aware of the hazards of growing number of vehicles and traffic on health, climate and environment. The campaign aimed to sensitise ground-level functionaries and the general public to imbibe the habit of protecting the environment and provide solutions/measures that can to taken to reduce traffic.


Message/ messages that we conveyed to the general public:

  1. Use public transportation at least once a week
  2. Opt for Carpool / Cab share
  3. Consider commuting on foot for short distance travel
  4. Cycling is a healthy alternative, both for the environment and the individual’s fitness
  5. Follow traffic rules to reduce congestion
  6. Don’t honk (only when necessary to avoid collisions or when trying to get eye contact with other drivers)

We would like to thank the HAL Traffic Police department for granting us the permission and also supporting us on the field.

“Our traffic awareness campaign was the most eye-opening and immensely satisfying campaign. Our campaigning began on a hesitant note. We were unsure as to how to start. However, as we campaigned for a few minutes, we began enjoying ourselves. Our will to combat traffic became stronger than our inhibitions. Spreading an important message and tackling traffic was our goal and we did just that to the best of our abilities. We observed the small changes that started coming about due to our campaign. A helmet was worn here, a smile of appreciation was seen there. Our humble campaign was slowly taking shape. Somehow, while we campaigned, we were all connected. Deep inside we wanted to fight against traffic and against pollution. We all want positive changes to be seen in order to tackle the gruelling problems we go through due to traffic. We stood together in solidarity that day, to face our problems and to change everything for the better, albeit in a small way”

– Isha Joshi

Small steps lead to a big difference. It was amazing to see how some of us could make a difference. We would like to thank the Bangalore police and our school for this opportunity”

– Rishabh Dhotrekar

Creating awareness for reducing traffic and the importance of carpooling and using public transport was a very important initiative that I’m glad I got to be a part of. It was fun interacting with people and spreading awareness.

– Akshata Chirravuri

“I am glad that I got this opportunity to spread awareness about effects of traffic and how we can help reduce the traffic on the streets of Bangalore. We live in a beautiful city but the huge snarls increase pollution and also waste the time of the residents”

– Harine S

The experience made us realise that working for a social cause makes us feel like we are better people.

– Manua

It wasn’t an eye opener just for those on road but also for us! We were elated when people buckled up their seat belts and put on their helmets on our insistence. It was a wonderful experience and we knew we did it right when they smiled back at us.

– Sonitha Mandava

The traffic awareness campaign started off with us heading towards our respective locations in the bus. The campaigning itself unexpectedly started in the bus. My friends and I showed off our colourful posters through the bus windows and to our surprise we got many smiling faces and lots of thumbs up. But that was only a taste of the effect we would eventually have on people. Once we got there, we lined up along the road showing our posters. Once we got over our initial apprehension did we really begin the campaigning? We chanted, told people to carpool and use public transport. The overall event was extremely rewarding for us as we saw our efforts bringing about a change in people. The group that I was in managed to get three helmet-less bikers to put on their helmets and got verbal approval from many bystanders.

I believe the best part of this campaign was how it showed how all our efforts really do contribute to the greater cause.

– Shradha T

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