First day of school brings out so many emotions; excitement across the faces of teachers welcoming their new students, anticipation as parents gather to see off their children at the school gate, eagerness of the kids to begin their year with fresh set of uniforms and stationery.

Ekya School, ITPL had a fine start to their academic year 2017-2018 with a wonderful assembly address by Miss Devika S Nair from Grade XII A. Below is the excerpt from the same:

‘My name is Devika and I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. It is indeed very exciting to watch our family grow. To the fresh faces of the year, welcome aboard our jolly ship! We’ve got a journey to make; the more the merrier!

The first day of school can be both exhilarating and daunting, whether you are new to school or otherwise. I would like to share a poem that I penned down that portrays the mind of a student on the first day of school, which I am sure you will relate to,

The holidays have come to a close

We stride mightily through the school’s front doors,

Armed and equipped for the long year ahead

Well masking the turmoil in our head,

The challenge of building the best first impression

The fear in making new friends and connections,

The pain of playing smooth and smart

The need to win the teacher’s heart,

Is all but too much drama and exertion

On a mere child who is lost and filled with apprehension,

But don’t stray too far for love and understanding

For school is home unconditional and caring,

Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd

For it’s a celebration of diversity, each colour screaming loud,

Explore your opportunities and unleash your talent

Fight to amass knowledge and prove a valiant combatant,

If ever in doubt, you’ll always find a way out

Through a teacher’s care or a friend’s support,

Well, what are you waiting for? We’ve got a mountain to climb!

We might struggle to the top but the view is worthwhile.

So friends, this journey is the long trek up the mountain. By the grace of God, love from our parents, guidance from our teachers and support from each other, we are sure to reach the summit – our goal and take in the view – our dreams.

The only way to attain success is through hard work and perseverance. We must keep in mind that through the highs and lows of our journey, we must always remember our roots and be thankful for our opportunities

The taste of victory on reaching the summit is much sweeter when shared with ones whose hopes are our dreams, whose support is our strength and whose prayers are our blessings. We should always remain grounded and grateful. That will make our achievements meaningful. No matter how high the tide may be, you will always have us – friends, teachers and parents to help you tow the waves. For we stand together, stronger than ever, united as one.

Together as One’

Ms Devika S Nair, Ekya School, ITPL

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  1. Absolutely Awesome!!? God bless you!!


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