On this feature of Poets of Ekya, we celebrate the wonderful piece of S. Madhivadhanan, Grade IX, Ekya School ITPL. Titled ‘Mom’s Gift’, the poem captures the degree of emotions that a gift brings to a child, with a bittersweet twist at the end.

I was playing video games on my phone,
Just when mom came in and said she’s home.
“Look what I have brought for you! “, she said
“You might want to have a look!”
She opened the box and out it flipped,
A small puppy which tripped!
“You’ve got to be kidding me!”, I said
Because the puppy had a foot missing.
It came towards me, but I pushed it away,
As I watched it stumble,
I felt no sympathy,
For I thought that Mom was definitely mocking me.
But the puppy with three feet,
Picked up a ball with its teeth.
And slowly, step by step, It came towards me
Struggling so much as if each step was a huge achievement.
I watched it with awe and inspiration,
The puppy dropped the ball on me with exhaustion
“Come on boy! Let’s play”, I said.
I grabbed my walking sticks and scrambled out of bed,
I played with the puppy all day long,
As we shared a secret,
Both of us didn’t have a leg.

S. Madhivadhanan
Grade IX, Ekya ITPL

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