Abhiram Gooty, of Grade X, Ekya School ITPL recently completed the Solve Boot Camp 2018, organized by Reap Benefit across the months of April and May.

Solve Boot Camp is a platform where best students from schools were invited to go through an intensive workshop to find solutions to environmental concerns and civic issues. Through the two month workshop, students worked on rapid prototyping, pitching their ideas and solutions, and had access to 30 hours of mentorship on problem-solving.

Abhiram represented Ekya at the boot camp that hosted 55 students from 25 schools across Bangalore and Hosur. With 27 products built at the workshop, 15 campaigns were carried out to solve real-world problems. The students came together on 19th May, observed as ‘Solve Ninja Day’, to showcase their solutions.

Abhiram identified the garbage menace that plagued his neighbourhood as the problem he wished to solve. Applying his learning from the workshop, he conducted interviews with people in and around his apartment and the employees from the supermarket, both located in the vicinity of the garbage dump. He not only suggested alternatives to reduce waste but also proposed to help clear the dump with the help of BBMP. Using the Sahaya app, Abhiram was able to get in touch with BBMP and was successful in restoring cleanliness in his locality.

With this achievement, Abhiram was officially declared as a ‘Solve Ninja’ by Reap Benefit at the Solve Boot Camp, having successfully begun his problem-solving journey. Praising his communication skills, sense of citizenship and use of data, the organization has awarded Abhiram with a certificate of completion.

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