I am Roshan Nair, a student from Ekya ITPL 10th grade. When I was offered an internship by Indus Action, all I could think was the fact that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get out into the real world and learn something. I knew it would be a chance to broaden my knowledge, meet new people and acquaintances. The experience was bound to put me out of my comfort zone, help me expand, learn the best possible ways to communicate effectively. The internship would expose me to what the world wanted from a speaker and how to put forward the most concise and eloquent content.

Despite all these expectations I had gathered, my experience at Indus Action was a memorable one. I had an opportunity to know how office work is done, communicate and be independent.

The first day I walked into the office, I was completely enraptured by the aesthetic of the office and not to mention filled with excitement. I met my fellow interns and we all bonded over our first day. Enough though I was the only intern of the three of us for blogging, I never felt left out.

Mahua ma’am was an amazing person to have as a mentor over the course of my internship. Although she had a busy schedule, she was ever patient with all of us and explained everything we needed to know about communication. She was the one who gave me pointers on how to capture my listener’s attention and not lose them halfway through.

I learnt so much over these past few weeks. I learnt things from how scripting works, to what goes into designing a blog post and the behind the scenes of a voice call.  I also learnt to be independent by booking a cab and travelling by myself. Sitting through a business call and learning about all the adjustments and negotiations that go into a call, was an eye-opener.

These four weeks made my summer of 2019 the most memorable one I have ever had. I am truly grateful to all those who extended this opportunity towards me. Looking forward to my next WEP.

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