Chess Competition Round 1 (Grades 4-8) 
King, queen, rooks, knights, bishops, pawns, and checkmate were all echoed in the corridors of Ekya School, Byrathi on 01st August, as our students enthusiastically played the first round of two rounds of chess competition. Chess, one of the oldest games of India, demands extreme concentration, patience and practice to understand the rules and method to play it. The school’s PE specialist, Mr. Karan, has been training the students to understand this complex game in a simple and interesting method.


Chess Competition Final Round (Grades 4-8)
Semi-finals and finals for the Chess Competition were conducted on August 27, 2019. All the houses – Vayu, Jal, Agni, and Bhoomi performed extremely well with a great competitive spirit. Each of the four houses played against each other in the semi-final round.

Ms. Dhanyata (Grade VI), represented team Agni and received the 4th position by scoring 10 points. Jal is in the 3rd position which got 20 points, played by Ms. Aditi (Grade IV). Vayu acquired the 2nd position by scoring 30 points, led by Ms. Anika (Grade IV). And, Bhoomi, led by Ms. Anshika (Grade VI) received 1st potion by earning 40 points in the competition.


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