Competitions and events are fun activities that promote teamwork, coordination and time management among the students: Know more about the activities for the week at Ekya School Byrathi in this blog:

Inter House Competition Preparation – Best Out of Waste (Grades 1-8) 
Students of all four School houses thoughtfully brought some reusable waste materials. Students and instructors spent an hour discussing and planning the best items which could be made out of the waste materials. With the help of videos, students planned to effectively use their ideas in the next session.

Inter House Competition – Best Out of Waste (Grades 1-8)
Students revisited the discussion carried out in the previous session and intricately started implementing the plans. After the successful completion of making items from waste, all four houses – Jal, Vayu, Bhoomi, and Agni, displayed their teamwork. They congratulated their team members and cheered with joy. Miniature living room designs with interesting interiors, furniture, and wall hangings were made by the members of Jal house. Bhoomi house re-created solar cooker, bag and wall hanging from carton boxes. Jewellery boxes, paper bags, and pen stand were created by the members of Vayu team. Bird feeder, bag, pen holder and miniature bus were created by Agni team.

Vegetable Dress-up (Early Years)
In continuation to the previous week’s vegetable market and salad making event, the Montessori Environment Juniors and Sub-juniors came dressed as various vegetables this week. They presented a small talk on the benefits of their respective vegetable, also addressing its colour, texture, origin, looks, and taste.

Inter House Competition – Poster Making (Grades 4-8) 
Colourful, informative and attractive posters were made by grades 4-8 under the guidance of instructors. Students used various materials such as coloured sheets, threads, clothes, etc. to make posters. The uses of posters and the process of making posters were discussed before creating.

Leaf Printing (Early Years)
Early years at Ekya, Byrathi got an opportunity to learn the basic techniques of painting. They were asked to bring a few leaves of different shapes and sizes. Everyone got a chance to explore this printing technique by which they learnt about pattern and surface structure of leaves. Students also experienced the impact of applying even pressure on leaves to obtain desired prints.

Inter House Competition – Spell Bee (Grades: 1-8) 
Students participated enthusiastically in English language word building activities. Instructors had arranged amazing hands-on activities such as fishing words, cluttered letters (jumbled letters in a word), fill in the blanks, guess one word with the help of its description, etc.

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