Talk on Puberty and Hygiene (Grades 4-8)

Ms. Deepshika, counselor of Ekya School Byrathi addressed our students from Grade 4 to 8 on hygiene and puberty. She spoke regarding a series of life stages – infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age, and old age and changes in each stage. Biological, psychological changes in both boys and girls, and the reason it happens by the onset of puberty. The expert suggested a few guidelines to be followed for taking care of the body. What kinds of food to eat, what should be avoided. How to be physically fit and practice hygiene routine.

Talk on Health and Hygiene; In-house Activity (Montessori)
Science teachers of Ekya School, Byrathi introduced a few important guidelines on hygiene. They presented the topic with the help of songs and poems related to personal hygiene which focused on a daily routine such as brushing teeth twice daily, showering, hand wash routine, how to avoid spreading germs while sneezing, etc. Students proactively shared their healthy habits during the session.


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