When we try to translate the vitality of our life energy into fluid moves, we dance.

Ekya School ITPL hosted its first inter-school dance meet FOOTLOOSE on August 24th, 2019. Zestful performances from the participants of Ekya Schools, CMRNPS and CMRNPUC made Footloose a massive hit. The vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. All the dances in Footloose were unique.

The opening ceremony commenced with blessings from Lord Ganesha. Niveditha Ganesh of Grade 12 performed on Ganesh Stuti. Shilpi Chopra our CCA coordinator welcomed the audience followed by an address by the Ms. Jyothi Menon, Vice Principal, Ekya School ITPL who welcomed all the participants, judges and students and wished them best for the competition.

Niyathi and Ashwin who were the MC’S for the event kept the audience entertained throughout the event with their witty anecdotes. The stage was set on fire by our very talented Cultural Secretary Rushil Kolipaka, also famously known as Micheal Jackson of Ekya School ITPL. The entire event was led by the students.

The performances encompassed various styles of Western and Indian classical and folk dance forms: B-boying, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Robotic, contemporary,  Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Garba, Lavani, and kathak.




The competition had four categories.

  1. Solo Indian (Classical/Folk)
  2. Solo Western
  3. Group Indian
  4. Group Western- theme- Be the change you want to be.

To keep the audience entertained Pratosh and Shaurya entertained the crowd with beatboxing. Post all the performances students and participants’ set the stage on fire with Dance off Session. For the closing ceremony, our school band gave a wonderful performance.



The winners:

Solo Indian Category- 1st prize Richa Thyagarajan – Ekya School ITPL

2nd prize- Tejaswani M – CMR National Public School

Solo Western Category- 1st Prize – Gowtham Ratna Mudhaliyar

2nd Prize – Pavitra Asokan- Ekya School ITPL

Group Indian- 1st prize- CMR National Public School

2ND prize – Ekya School ITPL

Group Western- 1ST Prize- CMR National PU College, Kalyan Nagar

2nd prize Ekya School ITPL



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