Ekya School JP Nagar put up a heart-warming show on the occasion of the 73rd Independence Day. We have not forgotten the sacrifices, made by the Indian masses to set up a country of their own, 73 years after gaining our independence and we never will. In honor of the noble lives who sacrificed themselves for our freedom, we organized an hour-long event.

Our tribute began with a beautiful rendition of Vande Mataram by our choir. This was followed by the flag hoisting by Ms. Ayesha Sirajuddin, our beloved Vice-Principal. With great pride, we sang the national anthem after which was a classic spectacle – the march past. As part of the march past, the students from the four houses – Bhoomi (orange), Jal (green), Vayu (blue) and Agni(yellow) – lined up in their formations and marched for the audience, with the Student Council leading them. This segment of the program ended with an inspiring speech by the Head Girl, Jahnavi Rajesh. She spoke of India and its might; she spoke of the lives laid down and the lives made. Her heartfelt speech moved the audience and instilled patriotism in everyone.

The entire program was anchored by Prasidh Pradeep and Anvita Hakkalamani of Grade X. They led the audience to the next segment; a rendition of ‘Chodo Kal Ki Batein’ by our junior choir. A readers’ unit called ‘Proud Indian Read Indian’ showcased the importance of reading Indian literature. India is slowly losing its writers and its literature. Indian literature, be it modern or classic, is rich in its description of our way of life. They tell stories unique to our motherland. We should never forget its versatility and its beautiful language.

Students from grades 5 to 8 then had a beautiful semi-classical dance. This was followed by a drill by the boys of grades 5 and 6, who paid tribute to our tricolor. The girls of grade 9 performed a graceful classical dance that made the audience marvel.         

The program was concluded with a vote of thanks, thanking all the hands that pitched in to put up the show as well as, of course, the audience. The parents, as well as the students, then had a fun time meeting their friends and teachers on this auspicious day. The program was indeed a success. A lot of people helped make this possible and I again, express my gratitude to them. 

With several decades into independence, the enormity of the sacrifices and hard work put in to free our country is slowly being forgotten. But the sense of belongingness and patriotism continues to bind us all. Ours is truly a  sacred land, made by the blood, sweat, and tears of the Indian masses. Happy Independence Day.

Jai Hind.

By Nidhi Bhavsar, Grade 10, Ekya School JP Nagar

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