“Friends may come and go, but a family lasts forever.” It’s important to cherish these relationships with family and our lives are so busy nowadays, that parents sometimes find it difficult to really spend quality time with their children.

On July 6th, 2019, Ekya School JP Nagar celebrated “We are a family” so that parents could spend some quality time with their children. The campus was buzzing with various activities for parents and their kids.

The day began with the “Get into the Groove” where our students, teachers, and parents joined in for a fitness dance routine. This was followed by a host of events including Throw ball for Moms and students, Shuttle relay for Dads, “Junkyard Wonders” (Parents teamed up with their child to make a useful item out of waste material. The materials used were coconut shell/egg shells/old glass bottles and empty tetra packs), “Where art thou?” (Parents and children created their own masterpiece based on the following themes – History and Heritage, Travel diaries, Education for all & Abstract art. The medium for this art was a canvas and acrylic paints), Games Corner (fun games for parents and children alike), “Jodi No:1″(Parents paired up with their children to perform a dance show), “Technothon” (parents created a web page with their children) and last but not the least “Jhankar Beats”(Antakshari).

There was even a photo booth where parents took their family photos and posted on social media. Children and Parents created memories at Ekya. It was fun for parents to relive their childhood along with their kids.

Posted by Shanthi Sivaram

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