“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell. There is a budding leader in every child and it is our responsibility to guide them in the right direction so that they evolve as true leaders. Mr. Ankit Agrawal, parent of Avani, Mont-E5-Seniors at Ekya School JP Nagar shares this interesting blog on why leadership qualities are important for a child and how to nurture future leaders.

Nurturing future leaders — Encouraging inquiry in children

‘Leader’ is a word that has such a deep significance to it. A leader is a person who guides or shows others the way of success. A leader needs to inspire and work relentlessly to put people ahead. A leader commands when needed, guides when necessary and mentors all the time. Leadership today is missing its significance as people are self-declaring as leaders. The art of leading and inspiring others is disappearing. A leader needs to be respectful and at the same time harsh if required. A very complex combination that kids these days are required to be nurtured with.

There are four crucial characteristics of fostering a future leader.
1. Being Fearless
2. Ask Why?
3. Respect Time
4. Accountability

Being Fearless

Being Fearless meaning not to be afraid of failing. We need to make children believe that there are no failures but only learning. No matter how challenging the task is, no matter how absurd an idea is, just do it without the worry of the end result. Every situation gives something to learn, and that will make one better and tougher. If you fear the failure then you will never take risks, if you never take risks then you will not go beyond your comfort zone and if you will not go beyond your comfort limit then you will not grow. A kid needs to be encouraged to not fear failure. Parents should inspire when they do not accomplish the goal and focus on the developments to conquer the obstacle.

Ask Why?
Always ask for justification if you do not understand any decision. Ask for reasons, ask as many questions as it may take for you to get convinced or to understand a judgment. A kid should always be encouraged to ask questions and should not be repressed from questioning. This gives them a clear explanation and a wider perspective to a related subject. This will help them in making similar choices on their own in the future.

Respect Time
Respecting someone’s time is that fading tradition that needs to be fostered from childhood. Kids need to be taught the significance of time. It starts by getting up in time and being ready in time to arrive at school before doors are closed. Once cultivated you will be astonished to see the self-organizing capability they develop.

No Blame game, kids needs to be very meticulously taught how to accept a mistake and admit to that. They need to be taught to take full responsibility for whatever they do. Whether success or failure a leader should take complete ownership of the task.

A leader is not born but conceived, it’s just right set of components that are required to be taught at the right time. Kids are very quick in picking up things, so why not teach them today to be the leader of tomorrow?

A short profile of  Mr. Ankit Agrawal:

Mr. Ankit Agrawal is the Senior Project Manager at DevOn, a software engineer by profession but a cook and reader at heart. He loves to travel and explore local cuisines of different places and he is an amateur food photographer too.

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