An educational field trip to the MEG-Madras engineering group informally known as the Madras Sappers was organized for the students of grade 9,10 and 11. Khwaish Panwar and Diya Anil Kumar of grade 12 share their account of being surrounded by patriotism and learnings about the adverse conditions that the army officers face.


On entering the campus it felt like we were in a different world. There was a sense of enthusiasm, discipline and patriotism. We were all filled with curiosity. Motivational quotes such as “May God have mercy on our enemies cause we won’t” and “I did it because I was told that it was hard to do” was painted on the walls. What amazed us all was that it was like a whole different clean town in a big polluted world. There were solar panels, kitchen compost areas, cycle stands, a mini-mall, medical centers and students who were sitting in the cool breeze writing their exams.

A few soldiers showed us around. We saw different types of mines, their effect and the different ways they were arranged like the single row, double row, diagonal, zig-zag, scattered, etc. We also saw the different types of masks and shoes they wear. They showed us the different types of makeshift bridges they make and told us how the soldiers take only 8 hours to make this wonderful hanging bridge with no supporting pillars in the center. We even saw a model of the India border and all the security measures over there.

Next, we went on to the shooting range. A few soldiers were practicing and we got to see the various positions they adopt while shooting. Some were the standing position, kneeling position, sitting position, and the prone position. The sir in charge told us that the soldiers held their positions for long periods of time as practice; and for strengthening their arms and fingers they had various exercises, one being that they rolled and twisted a wet cloth.

The soldiers did everything and made everything they required, from utensils, furniture, and even decorative articles. We then went to the museum where we saw how the army uniform had evolved over the years, all the mementos India received from the different the countries, medals won by soldiers who took part in the Olympics and a huge map which marked all of India’s victories. The last part of our trip-the march past- was the most emotionally charged. It filled in us all a feeling of patriotism, teamwork, confidence, and trust.

This trip definitely taught us all something. It showed us the beautiful life of a soldier and inspired us all to join the armed forces. It taught us to be self-sufficient and independent but at the same time the importance of trust on one another and their selflessness to serve our country. Jai Hind to the Indian Armed Forces.

Writer: Khwaish Panwar XI ‘A’
Editor: Diya Anil Kumar XI ‘A’

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