At Ekya School JP Nagar, we had a week dedicated to Gender Sensitisation for the Montessori and the children went through exploring the rules to keep their body safe!
Right from learning the three personal safety rules: clothing rule, touching rule and the talking rule to the safety mantra (NO – GO – TELL) engraved into the subconscious mind of our students, our week was packed with a lot of important learning.
The sessions were filled with role-plays depicting the concept of Inner Space & Social Space and exploring the subject- “privacy and boundaries”. The role plays also taught them how to react in an unsafe situation. We studied the importance of identifying our “Safe Adults” and keeping no secrets from them.
While the primary to secondary school was involved in an action-filled learning environment, our pre-primary students were introduced to an animated character ‘Pantasaurus’, who took us through the importance of body safety and the rules and of course, NO secrets from our parents! The musical session indeed was a perfect edutainment exposure!
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