“The world is but a canvas to our imagination” – Henry David Thoreau.

Kavya and Karthika of Grade XII, Ekya School ITPL have used their imagination to describe two contrasting worlds – one where everything is perfect and the other where everything is bad.


A way to escape life, to run away from it and never come back.
Sounds nice, doesn’t it?
Every single one of us must have imagined a world where we live in peace amidst all those we love.
Everything goes our way in this misty wonderland hidden beyond vast tangles of trees and
thorns, far away from reality.
This land is called Utopia.

The safe place for every soul, a place which gives us only happiness and blocks out our pain
and troubles.
It’s a place where unity, care, and love preside above us all.
A wish remains a wish, unless and until we make it a want.
Then there are our present lives.
It contradicts all our dreams and beliefs, pushing us into harsh
situations which rarely offer an escape. It’s like getting trapped in a huge, dark, dingy cave which
reeks of the dead and has only a single passage out, which you are oblivious of. Your last hope is to crawl into a small, warm nook where you can close your eyes and visualize the world outside
with its bright green trees, blooming flowers, the friendly chatter of your loved ones and light.
In all its greatest beauty.

Only in times of grief, danger or pain do we learn to appreciate the little things around us.
When we receive these tiny gifts of joy, we merely take them in with a simple nod.
Although, upon being deprived of the basic amenities, we realize how fortunate we were and how grateful
we should have been. We think that maybe if we could just have done ourselves some good
earlier on, we wouldn’t have to suffer in the present.
Regret, hatred, insecurities filled with pessimism engulf us and we tumble down into a never-ending well of torture. Many of us end up as prey to these cruel cunning creatures and
envelope ourselves in darkness among monsters, unknowingly.
At these times, we try to think of
a better future for ourselves, a bright world where we are successful.

Once again, we create our Utopia.
Instead of drowning in our worries, why not create our own fantastical world. Build walls against all the pain and move ahead in life, strong and confident. Hobbies and those little things that you
love doing sometimes transfer you into this magical world of stunning beauty and freedom.
Reading is a common way to go to another land, above the clouds and to forget the present.
Travelling helps us to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Set your mind free, whisk it above the clouds, upward and away.
Wander and live like you want to, with no hesitation.
For not, all those who wander are lost. Allow your spirit to let go of these tightly bound chains and float into your imagination.
Away from Dystopia.

– Kavya Sahoo, Grade XII


– Karthika Satyanarayanan, Grade XII

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