It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, a world of hope and a world of fears. This philosophy is beautifully explained by Isha Joshi of Ekya School, ITPL.

We live in a dark world,
ravaged by war and pain
Yet, in equal measure,
joy and happiness upon us, rain
There are killers, liars and sadists
one can find
Yet, there are those who spread love
and are kind
While one might attempt to maim
or hurt another
A kind soul might encourage another
to walk a little further
On a rainy day, hurtful comments might pile
However, on a sunny day, happiness might come along,
in the form of an encouraging smile
We live in a world full of beauty and excitement
And yet, one must also expect injustice and bewilderment
We live in a world which has both sorrow and wonder
And we must thrive in this interesting amalgamation of chaos and order

Isha Joshi

Posted by Ekya

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