Titled ‘Bangalore Days’, this poem by Nidhi Bhavsar of Grade IX, Ekya School JP Nagar reflects on the early glories of a city that is now a shadow of its former self, thanks to endless urbanization.

Bangalore, once a paradise.
Buildings were rarely seen.
Rain was found in abundance,
Its citizens always with umbrellas.

No more is it a haven,
A stressed man’s refuge.
It is now a land with pollution and dust,
A major city but without its glory.

May Bangalore regain its legacy,
May it flourish again as the garden city,
Maybe the destiny of this great city will change,
It may just become green again.

The beautiful weather, the picturesque scenery,
It may all come back to regain its destiny.
The peaceful roads, the tiny, cozy houses,
It may all return, Bangalore’s beautiful legacy.

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