Holes by Louis Sachar – Book review

Do you believe in curses or black magic? If you do, this is the best book for you to read on.

It is a wonderfully written novel about Stanley Yelnats the fourth, the grandson of Elya Yelnats, whose family was cursed by Madame Zeroni. He was wrongly accused of stealing a pair of sneakers which belonged to a great sportsperson. Stanley Yelnats was sent to Camp Green Lake correctional facility for 18 months. The boys there dig holes daily in the hot sun, supposedly to build character but Stanley soon discovers that the warden is actually looking for a treasure belonging to Stanley’s ancestors. It shows us the difficulty he and his friends face at the camp. Living there was no easy thing for anyone except Stanley’s new best friend Zero. Zero’s original name is Hector Zeroni. He is called Zero by Mr. Pendanski [who is in charge of the camp under the Warden] and the other boys at the camp. As we read the book we get to know how Stanley and Zero had a family bond and relation. It includes two different stories which are got through very well by the author. Reading this novel would surely amaze anyone. It would give a kind feeling of grace and love as you read on. It makes you feel happy.

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After reading this novel I feel that this is the best of the good books I would like to recommend to anyone.


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