Life has many ups and downs. It often changes from ‘top-of-the-world’ to ‘never-again’ very quickly. It can elate and disappoint, give love and hate but in the end, life always has something to give. But we as humans often don’t work enough to reach a point from which we can take what life hands us. We give up in between and miss out on the shining treasure ahead. The strength, the power and the courage to take up this journey and continue without stopping are within us.

Suyasha Jadon of Grade V of Ekya JP Nagar has beautifully illustrated in this poem how we can harness that strength from within ourselves.

Dig Hard Dig Deep

My mother always says to me,
‘Dig hard, dig deep.’
Oh no, no! Don’t get me wrong,
She is not a farmer,
Neither does she want to make one out of me.

Puzzled, are you?
I was too!

For she once called and told me,
‘A lot of times you’ll find the ground
rough, dry and hard for a tired you.

“But you must persist, to dig hard, dig deep.”
I thought hard, scratched my head
And asked her – “I need to…
But what about you?”

She glanced into my eyes and said,
“It’s not about me or you,
All around us all humans should.”
I asked inquisitively, “DIG HARD, DIG DEEP?”

Seeing me in this chaos and confusion,
She took me by my hand
Hugged me tight and then whispered in my ears.
“Deep in everyone’s heart.

“God has planted some seeds,
Which with time get lost amongst the weeds.
All of us ought to weed out the weeds
And find the seeds.

“For these are no ordinary ones
They are dreams God put along
the mundane routines, junk, and weeds

“But if you, my daughter, can
Dig hard and dig deep
Without being lost and overcome by greed

“Then yours is this world
And all its treasures to keep.

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