At Ekya, we believe that real-life experiences enrich classroom learning. Within the school schedule, Ekya plans outbound programs that include field trips, picnics and educational tours. Our outbound program for current academic year is as listed below:


Remembering Our Heroes

Senior students of Ekya had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the city’s ASC Centre. It was a thrilling experience for the students of Grade IX and X, as they got to interact with members of the army, and witnessed what it takes to be part of the regiment. Playing audience to Col.Sushant’s inspiring stories from various battles and deployment, the children also visited the ASC Museum and honoured our brave soldiers at the war memorial. Click here to read about Ekya’s visit to the ASC Centre here.



Understanding the Weather

Middle school students Ekya paid a visit to the Indian Meteorological Department, to get a comprehensive understanding of how the weather works, and how it is predicted. They were briefed by experts about the effects of temperature and surface winds, how the weather is forecasted and the science behind it all.



Making Science Fun!

Pre-primary students from Ekya Early Years paid a visit to the Girias Explorium, where they got to witness how science can be interesting aside from all the playing and fun. They participated in games that revolved around topics like Gravity, Sound and Music instruments, also simulating a hospital experience and a supermarket experience. They got to work with foam blocks to build their own objects – they even laid out a city. The activities did not stop there, as the students tried their hand at glass painting and drawing on sand.



Farm to Table (Thota to Oota)

This farm visit is curated to help our students connect with nature and understand the importance of natural farming. Spread over 10 acres, this dairy focused farm houses only the A2 type cow species – Gir, Hallikar and Malnad. Students will get a hands-on understanding of six areas of the farm – Vegetables, Horticulture, A2 Cows, Bee Keeping, Vermicomposting, Biogas and Natural cycles for fodder. In addition to this there is a planting activity where children will get an opportunity to try their hand at gardening



Trips from the past

In 2015, Ekya students went on a 3-day trip to Hampi to learn about the history and archeological significance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students engaged in mock excavations and interactions with professors from the Hampi University.

As part of 2014 educational tour, the senior students of Ekya visited the Kennedy Space Center, NASA; the United States Space and Rocket Centre in Huntsville, Alabama; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, and Harvard University. They also attended a workshop at Broadway Theater.

During other field trips, students have visited ISRO, HAL Aerospace, Paramount Biscuit Factory, the local post office, fire station, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Good Bread Factory, Butterfly Park, and the Rainwater Harvest theme park.