Student Reading Skills

1. Top 10 Indian Authors for Children

The blog post titled "Top 10 Indian Authors for Children" by Ekya Schools features a handpicked selection of renowned Indian children's book authors. The blog provides a brief background of each author's writing style and a list of their notable works. The post includes popular authors like Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl, and Enid Blyton, along with some lesser-known but equally talented writers like Subhadra Sen Gupta and Anushka Ravishankar. The post serves as a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and librarians who are interested in introducing children to Indian literature or expanding their reading horizons.

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2. Feeling of Getting Lost in a Book

"Feeling of Getting Lost in a Book" is a blog written by Niranjana Arun, a young book enthusiast of Ekya School, JP Nagar who shares her thoughts and experiences about the power of reading. The post explores the therapeutic benefits of reading, particularly during times of stress or anxiety. Niranjana reflects on the impact that books have had on her life and encourages others to discover the pleasures of reading. Overall, the blog post inspires readers to cultivate a love for books.

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3. How to Develop A Reading Habit

The blog post titled "Beginner's Guide to Developing a Reading Habit for Kids" is a comprehensive guide for parents who are looking to develop reading habits in children. The article provides practical tips and advice on how to create a conducive reading environment at home and encourages parents to make reading a fun and enjoyable activity for their children. The blog post by Ekya School explores the benefits of reading, including improved language skills, increased knowledge and creativity, and enhanced cognitive development. The post serves as a useful resource for parents who want to help their children develop good reading habits and foster a lifelong love of books.

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4. 9 Reading Tips for Toddlers

"9 Reading Tips for Toddlers" is a must-read blog post for parents from Ekya School who want to instil a love of story reading in young children. This article is packed with expert advice to help toddlers develop early literacy skills and a lifelong passion for reading. From making reading a daily habit to engaging children in interactive storytelling, this post covers it all. If you're looking for ways to make story reading a fun and enjoyable activity for you and your little ones, then this is the perfect guide for you. Don't miss out on this valuable resource to help your child's growth and development!

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5. 11 Reading Tips for First Graders

Looking to give your first-grader the best possible start in early education? Look no further than "11 Reading Tips for First-Graders." This comprehensive guide by Ekya Schools offers expert advice on how to improve your child's reading skills, with practical reading tips that are easy to implement. From creating a reading-friendly environment to incorporating technology into learning, this blog post covers everything you need to know to help your child become a confident and competent reader. Whether you're a parent or educator, this blog is a valuable resource to enhance your child's early education.

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6. 10 Reading Tips for Kindergarteners

If you're a parent looking for books to teach reading and encourage your preschooler to become a happy and confident reader, Ekya Schools has got you covered! Check out the latest blog post featuring 10 reading tips for kindergartners. The post emphasises the importance of having fun with language and encourages parents to play with letters, words, and sounds to help their children learn to read. The tips include using puppets to play language games, reading favourite books multiple times, tracing letters while saying their sounds, and playing sound games.

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7. 5 Reading Tips for Infants

Are you searching for ways to support your infant’s development through reading? Look no further! Ekya School has written an informative article filled with expert advice on reading tips and practical strategies to help parents and caregivers foster a love of reading in their little ones. From establishing a reading routine to choosing the perfect books for your child’s age, this post has it all. Reading aloud to infants is crucial for their cognitive and emotional growth, and with these tips, you can create a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource to help your infant thrive.

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