When you open a book, the pages turn

The feeling of getting lost in the world. 

A world full of fantasy lands 

Of sailing ships and growing plants 

A world full of wonderful things 

Of Kings and queens who dance and sing 

Of wooden boys with noses so long 

And girls with hair that grow thick and strong

You get transported to a world of fiction 

A world with which you get a special addiction 

You get lost between the words

So lost you cannot be interrupted

The tales may inspire 

The tales may conspire

From the tales of adventure and history 

To the tales of crime and mystery 

So just sit back with a book in your hand 

And be teleported to another magical land 

Where the words go flying,

Your imagination starts to cook

Well, that’s the feeling of being lost in a book.

By Niranjana Arun, Grade 6, Ekya School JP Nagar 

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  1. This is Soo interesting nice write up


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