Best IGCSE Schools in Byrathi

Introduction – About Ekya:

We at Ekya Byrathi, aim to provide an immersive learning experience with technology-rich methods. Our progressive K12 schools with passionate educators help prepare students for a rapidly evolving future. Our learning technique’s goal is to create globally competitive human beings with the habits of Mind and Heart.

Our Mission:

Our focus is on creating changemakers, independent thinkers, doers, and constant learners. We believe in empowering young minds to make a positive difference in the world. At Ekya, one of the best IGCSE schools in Byrathi, your child gets to ‘Live the lesson’. Our students will not just be able to learn a lesson but experience it through taste, touch, smell, sight, and delight.

Our curriculum:

Ekya’s assessment patterns keep track of the learning pace of each child which assists the teachers to switch up the teaching method when learning gaps are created. We encourage our children to arrive at an understanding of a concept/idea by themselves instead of giving them a preset understanding that might or might not be relatable to the ever-changing outer world. 

Our curriculum is the basic foundation that sets us apart. We have a curriculum that is on par with the world curriculum. At Ekya Byrathi, we follow an in-house curriculum from Montessori to Grade 8, and from Grade 9 we follow the ICSE and IGCSE curriculum.

Our students learn how to learn rather than what to learn. We empower them to be independent thinking individuals by indulging them in various activities like book reading, debates, role-plays, worksheets to name a few. Our assessment techniques give multiple opportunities to express what they understand.

Early years:

Ekya, one of the best IGCSE schools in Byrathi offers Montessori programs for children aged 2.5-5.5. The preschool program works on the common principle of stimulating young minds through research. Montessori students learn by doing rather than instructing, using the nurturing environment to improve their natural gifts and abilities. Play and creativity are at the heart of the class, and the Ekya Early Years program includes a wide range of learning areas such as physical education, visual arts, performing arts, sand games, gardening and puppet shows, ways to express yourself, learn through observation and become more aware of yourself. 

Ekya believes in learning through curiosity by constantly encouraging young people to boldly ask questions and explore concepts. Quest programs cover different topics such as my city, my family, and myself., Mammals, Personal Safety, and Animal Movement Through the search themes, students take on various roles as thinkers, users, researchers, and risk-takers.


The primary school program at Ekya, the best IGCSE schools in Byrathi, encourages students in grades 1 through 5 to pursue their intellectual interests through thought-provoking classroom exploration. The social science program turns our students into active citizens who develop an awareness of their environment and through the use of software specially designed for educational purposes, our students learn basic programming skills and ICT tools and are trained in digital security areas. By incorporating engineering and aspects of the maker movement, the science program empowers these young students to become problem solvers and changemakers.

Middle school:

From sixth to eighth grades, when our students enter adolescence, we begin to instill a spirit of independence and responsibility in them. Self-reliance, individualism, and a sense of responsibility of middle school children are at the core of the Ekya middle school program. We have designed our syllabus in a way that

Senior school:


Ekya Byrathi provides IGCSE and ICSE board of education for grades 9 and  10. Through our IGCSE syllabus, we are encouraging our students to join a community of worldwide learners par excellence. The students learn by applying various concepts in familiar and unfamiliar situations, pushing them constantly to learn by exploring instead of giving them a preset understanding to memorize. 

By introducing the international syllabus, we aim at giving a global perspective of concepts and issues. This helps our students to place themselves on a competitive level with the world.



Ekya, the best IGCSE school in Byrathi, is spread over two and a half acres. It is designed by world-class architects with natural light and ventilation. The campus is CCTV enabled with spacious classrooms, sandpit area, gardening area, hygienic sanitary facilities, basketball court, volleyball court, cricket ground to name a few.


The bus will stop at the allocated pick-up point only.  Door-to-door pick-up will not be entertained. Students are allowed to use their allotted bus and bus stop. No change will be allowed without prior permission from the school authorities in writing. Parents are to submit their requests for transportation to the office at the time of admission. Transport facilities will be confirmed and announced before the start of the academic year – based on feasibility and viability determined by student numbers.

To access the school’s Transport Requisition Form, click here.

Parent community:

Parent-teacher meetings are more objective and personalized. The parents can meet the teachers anytime with prior appointments to discuss their child’s development. We at Ekya, understand that a student can gain independence through new explorations outside academics with the help of parents.

School clubs:

One of the renowned IGCSE schools in Byrathi, Ekya helps their students by indulging them in various career options to choose from. Few clubs that help our students to explore different fields are

  1. Literature club
  2. Visual arts club
  3. Sports club
  4. School choir
  5. Dance club
  6. Junior Chef’s club
  7. Editorial club

Extra-curricular activities:

Students are encouraged to participate in various outdoor and indoor activities that teach them the moral values that are essential for a quality life. We help the students through two major ways: outbound learning and service learning.

After School Clubs:

External excursion programs combine learning with a thirst for adventure. Students in Ekya High School can choose after-school activities and enroll in clubs such as the Editorial Club, Quiz Club, Literary Club, Model United Nations, and Theater Club.

Admissions procedure:

Parents who understand our school philosophy benefit from making an informed choice for the right fit for their child. At Ekya, the parent mindset, support, and involvement play a critical role in how we can help your child derive the best education we have to offer. We appreciate every parent for their interest in admission to our small, close-knit community. While we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, it is often difficult to offer admission to all those who apply. 

Ekya accepts online and offline applications. You can download the application form from our website and submit it in person. If the parents would wish to have a tour of the school environment, we do have open house events conducted regularly to know more about the school and the leadership. The parents can also collect the admission form in person from the school, fill and submit it for further processing. 

For any further clarification regarding the best IGCSE schools in Byrathi, you may email us at or call us at 080-46809096.

Our Schools

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