Fire drills are for more than fires. Knowing the evacuation routes of a building helps in the event of a power outage, gas or other emergency situation that can occur at any institution. Fire drills ensure that employees and students exit the building in a timely fashion and know their students and colleagues designated meeting area.

Ekya School ITPL safety committee includes a representative of each department of the school, campus in charge, campus managers, class teachers, HOS, and Coordinators. The team is responsible for ensuring that every member of the campus evacuated the building, and must meet team members/ all students at a predetermined location outside the building. ( School Ground)

Students and teachers were provided with evacuation details during assembly. To ensure that Employees and students must know the evacuation path of their school premises, and the alternative paths in the event an exit is blocked.

School also brought to notice to the staff/students that special attention should be paid to the process of evacuating for students/ staff with disabilities or special medical needs. Disabled children require assistance to exit the building, for example, while those with respiratory issues might be incapacitated by even modest quantities of smoke. Appropriate actions might include designating specific staff to assist in evacuating mobility-challenged colleagues or providing a breathing apparatus near the workstation of a staffer with respiratory problems.

At Ekya fire drills are conducted twice or thrice a year.l to ensure proper safety measures.

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