5th September is a much awaited day in every teacher’s life and this year it proved to be no different for those at Ekya ITPL.

We were pleasantly surprised as we walked into school and were welcomed with a lovely badge and a card each presented by the senior students, thoughtfully addressed by our Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy. We then walked into our classrooms to be greeted by the eagerly smiling faces of our students. The children were actually more excited than us teachers. They had decorated the boards beautifully and they flocked around us as handcrafted cards, thoughtful messages and loving notes were pressed into our hands and put away to be read and cherished at leisure. And this was just the beginning.

Once all the classes, preschool to Grade 12, had assembled at the school amphitheatre – a series of amazing song and dance presentations were performed flawlessly by our students. The compering and informal games also evoked laughter and loud applause. The teachers were called upon to speak out famous dialogues from movies and a lot of hidden talent was unearthed.

A sumptuous breakfast was followed by an audio-visual presentation prepared and sent in with lots of love by our Curriculum and HR team. And yes, there was yet another spontaneous dance performance by our students and because their exuberance was so infectious, this time they managed to convince some teachers to join in. Thus ended a memorable morning and the teachers headed back to their classrooms to continue with the routine classes.

On behalf of all teachers at Ekya ITPL, a  huge thank you to each student for making this an absolutely wonderful day. A very special thank you to Dr. Tristha Ma’am and her wonderful team for the meticulous planning of a magnificent series of surprises and, last but definitely not the least three cheers for Jyothi Ma’am and her team of coordinators for making the day absolutely flawless.

By Ms. Sonali, Teacher at Ekya School ITPL

Teacher’s Day – A note from the Editorial

A teacher is not the one who makes you intelligent by giving the right answers but is the one who the makes you knowledgeable by making you ask the right questions.

On the 5th of September, the students of Ekya school, ITPL, hosted a special assembly for our wonderful teachers on the account of the birthday of our 2nd president, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. The assembly was bursting with the enthusiasm and exuberance of the students, right from the little one to the senior most grades.

The assembly started off with a lot of zeal and joy to make this day, a special day, for our teachers. Ms. Jyoti Menon, Vice Principal of Ekya School ITPL, gave a warm and admiring speech on the importance of teachers in our lives. Followed by the speech was a word of appreciation by Ms. Mahua, the school’s primary coordinator, stressing on the fact that the success of a school depends on the teachers and that she is blessed with the best of them.

Then assembly then continued with a special speech by head girl, Ms. Isha Joshi, and poem recital by school editor, Ms. Jessica Chris. Students performed various dances and sang songs to show their love and respect for their teachers. The event proceeded with great rapt and the students were full of energy and excitement until the end.

Though the event was over, that didn’t stop students from making this day memorable one for their teachers. One could, on teacher’s day, easily spot students going class to class, wishing and gifting their teachers a small piece of their heart.

On a general remark, all the teachers agreed on the fact that the assembly was well-conducted and had a great time. For all the work teachers put into, to make us a fine citizen of tomorrow, not only the 5th of September but every day should a day of celebration in their honour.

Teachers are the living embodiment of our school’s motto – Live The Lesson; for they are what everyone wants to be like.

 By Abhik S, XII B, Ekya ITPL

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