Family Harmony

Family Harmony began on a very positive note with a warm welcome to all the parents by our academic coordinator Ms. Asha Doris.

The day kick-started with a power packed yoga session. The main theme of this program was to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.  Inhale the future, exhale the past.

After the yoga session the teachers and children entertained the parents with a flash mob followed by a melodious song by the school junior and senior choir.

Engaging smiles, vibrant attire and stellar performances enthralled the audience in the amphitheatre on Saturday. The gala event witnessed parents and children walking the ramp while showcasing their talent with confidence and style.

Step up Together was a Talent hunt, an event where parents teamed up with their children and showcased their talent. They could present a skit, meme, song, dance or any presentation within the allotted time of two minutes.

Coming to the sports arena, a throwball match was organized between the moms and the school girls team.

“You puzzle me” was an event which comprised of Crossword and Sudoku. Parents along with their children brainstormed and enjoyed solving puzzles.

CONNEXIONS was a fun-filled quiz involved testing the Pictographic Memory and logical thinking of the participants. It also measured the capabilities of the human mind to establish a connection with their surroundings and with the things they see.

“Flavour Stands Still” was the parent-child Art Competition. It stressed extensively on teamwork and cooperation between the parent and child to create their very own masterpiece on canvas. The themes for the event were:
a.) A Memorable Day with Family
b.) My School
c.) This is Us

Minute 2 Minute event included Bucketing the ball, Pinning the missing part of the object, while being blindfolded and Picking Bangles with a straw. The games kept the parent-child team on their toes as they tried to score maximum points under a minute.

Crazy hairdo, the competition where children made crazy hairstyle for their parents using different accessories.

Relay Swimming is a competitive swimming race in which four parents compete as a team against the school team, rather than as individuals, to complete the distance in the fastest combined time possible.

The Picture Parody was a reflection of the memorable time that the student’s had along with their family. The props added to the glory of the ‘Picture Parody’. The happy faces brought together by Family Harmony was indeed a moment to be cherished life long.

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