The Ekya School JP Nagar had a week focussed on literature, drama and life skills. While the grade 9 class assembly was a skit on GRIT AND DETERMINATION AND THE HABITS OF THE MIND AND HEART, the little ones ware taught about the important life skills. Please find below the update:

Grade 9 Class Assembly:

The bright and talented students of 9th grade performed a skit on GRIT AND DETERMINATION AND THE HABITS OF THE MIND AND HEART.

The students started out with a play featuring a young girl named Amanda. She wasn’t a prized pupil and lacked focus and determination. She wasn’t doing well in her academics but her talents lay elsewhere. There was a dance competition that she wouldn’t be able to participate in if she didn’t improve her score. This was just the motivation she needed. Through sheer force and determination, she improved her score. The play was carried out seamlessly and all the student were well versed and practiced. It truly was a joy to witness this event. The hard work of the students was visible throughout.

The second play was about the best selling author of all time J.K. Rowling. Her books are one of the most loved by this generation. She had to face criticism from several people. Many of the publishers did not accept her book. They made fun of her for being different. She almost gave up. But When her book was finally published it was a massive success. This play inspired many young readers at Ekya to pick up the harry potter books and appreciate it with a new perspective.

The assembly concluded with the dance on Shakira’s song ‘try everything’ which was the cherry on top of the cake.

A workshop on Life Skills:

In the Life Skills workshop, the.students of Gade 3 and 4 were taught about the etiquette of dealing with people in a group, such as; not to fight, be good listeners, allow others to speak, do not interrupt, don’t be selfish, etc.

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