Art is the expression of the soul, a medium to showcase its creativity and show its inner beauty.

On the 6th of September, the students of Grade VI to VIII had a creative sketching competition to showcase their hidden talent and to show the world their inner Picasso.

The students were sketching all sort of things, abstract, scenic or still life. Their enthusiasm and excitement matched up with their artwork, filled with elegance and full of zeal. The whole purpose of the competition was not to judge a winner but to enable students to bring out their best selves and unearth the hidden artist all of them.

Though their work was black and white, the students ensured it was colourful with their passion for art and their vivid imagination. To sum up, the students enjoyed giving life to their imagination and the end result was visible when we see their sketch work.

Enjoy the few works by the artist of our schools: 

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