An Ode to Teachers

Poem by Jessica Chris J, Grade XII, Ekya School ITPL

When everyone else told me to walk,
You taught me to spread my wings and fly.
When they tried to pull me from my path,
You helped me ride the winds and soar high.

When they caged me up with a lock,
You gave me the key that opened up my mind.
When they said I didn’t belong in the flock,
You said it’s okay to be one of a kind.

When they knocked me down by hurling rocks,
You gather them up making a tower for me to climb.
When they asked why I keep climbing back,
You were my every reason why.

When they pulled me down with all they got,
You pushed me up till I soared like a hawk.
When I fell back hard and all I wanted to do was cry,
You helped me rise and together we touched the sky.

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