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“An artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist..” ~ Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Art is not only about drawing, painting, sculpting and so on. It has a much deeper meaning than that. It is humans expressing themselves in an imaginative and creative way. Art has a huge influence on people and it helps us discover new talents hidden inside. At Ekya, we believe in discovering and honing each and every talent of all our students. Thus we have started our year doing exactly that. From Grades I to X, we have held competitions for all the students in order to discover and enhance their skills in various fields. So as to have a competitive edge, we held two rounds of these competitions. The prelims were held on 12th June and the finale was held on 14th June 2018.


For our primary school children, ‘Shloka Recitation Competition’ was held. All the children were ecstatic and overjoyed. They took a lot of effort in the preparation and put up a great show. They recited various shlokas from different religious beliefs. This made them realize the importance of our nation and its sacred history.

The finale judges, Ms. Ashwini and Ms. Neelufur, gave an insight into the competition and the overall performance of the students.

“The finale was a very well-prepared event. Each student had a unique and difficult shloka yet they did not hesitate while reciting it. Their confidence was brilliant and each one’s oratory skills were put to a test. The students were crisp while speaking and knew all the difficult words by heart. A few of them even gave an introduction to their selected shloka and why it was written. This interest of theirs was very heartening.

Thus the students put up a great show with loads and loads of effort which was clearly seen and much appreciated.”



The next segment of our events was the “Dance Competition’ for Grades V to VII. Our little ‘Birju Maharajs’ and ‘Anna Pavlovas’ exhibited the best of their moves and put up a very intense competition. They changed the serious atmosphere with some groovy tunes which kept everyone on their toes and wishing to dance along. The effort put in was fabulous and was admired by one and all.

The judges, Ms. Ranjana and Ms. Lakshmi, gave us a little tune to write down as well.

“The entire atmosphere was electrified with the excitement of students and teachers alike. Everyone had prepared a great performance. The participants’ confidence, interest, and groovy moves were well thought of and carried out flawlessly. Their choice of songs and costumes were delightful. Many dance forms ranging from Indian classical to contemporary to hip-hop were covered extremely well. The supportive audience cheered on the participants and made the competition a very enjoyable one.”



Finally, the high schoolers of Ekya put forth their views in a few of the world’s most controversial topics in a debate. Students were paired and were made to go against their partners. Their views and their way of conveying their points were extremely creative. As one of the ways of preparing the students for the real world, this activity makes them realize the importance of their voices and opinions. It teaches them to take a stand and be prepared for the people who will be going against them. The topics did put many of the students in a dilemma and made them ponder on the different sides of the same story.

While asking Ms. Asha, Ms. Meghana, and Ms. Sreepriya, the teachers in charge of the events, we learned quite a lot about the event that was held,

“Each and every student put in a lot of effort and prepared extremely well to speak. None of them stumbled around for words or stuttered. They were crisp in speaking and put forth their best arguments. All of their hard work was well-recognized and admired. All the students’ listening, speaking and convincing skills were put to test and enhanced. They had articulated speeches on both sides putting up a great debate. The questions were well constructed and the answers were bang on, too. The good participation and support from the audience created a lively space. It was a very close competition that was difficult to judge. In the end, all the students stuck to their stands and held their beliefs with adequate evidence.”



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