Our FIND Festival 2023 is not just an event, it's a movement.

As India's first global learning festival organised by a school, our purpose is to empower transformative K-12 education. With the vision to serve as a global catalyst for innovation in K-12 learning, our mission goes beyond celebration. We create a nexus for collaboration, educational excellence, and cutting-edge practices, inspiring stakeholders to redefine K-12 education worldwide.

  • Learning Showcase
  • Design Thinking Challenge
  • Panel Discussion
  • FIND Talk
  • Museum
  • Awards & Prizes

The Discussion

Dive into a dialogue that seeks to unfold the essence of collaborative educational transformation and shifting paradigms in K-12 landscapes. Embark on this quest with us, where insights ignite, boundaries get pushed, and the future of education takes shape.

The Challenge

The Talk

Join us for an insightful talk on the need for extraordinary educators in shaping our future. Discover the transformative impact they have on our students and society, and how their dedication fosters a brighter tomorrow.

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For queries related to FIND Festival 2023, reach out to us at findfestival@ekyaschools.com

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