WEP 2019 was a success and our students are thrilled with the new experience. At the same time, we have received positive feedback from all the employers of our students. They are extremely happy with the performance and attitude of our students and wish to accept more students for next year.
Here is a few feedback from employers on our students: 

Diya Foundation – I would like to compliment Kriti on her understanding of our students and thinking up different creative ways to teach them or make suggestions to other interns. Also, 6 of our students learned a new skill in quilling and were thrilled with themselves that they can now make their own earrings.

Photomojo – An AGNA Venture Nidhi Samuel has a keen sense of design and is very curious to play and experiment with her creative ideas, which was quite refreshing to see.

Sandesh India- All the four students have done their best at Sandesh. We are happy about it.
Play Arena Sports and Adventure – Souptik was eager and very involved in the various activities assigned to him.
Key Education Foundation – We found Akshata to be very hard working and curious to learn more.
Olive Planet Private Limited –  Rayan is proactive and his work is commendable
Reap Benefit –  Joe George has been one of the interesting interns, Reap Benefit had. Always on time and prompt with his communication, he successfully completed his first step in the problem-solving journey. He is now working towards community composting and an Android app on volunteer management.
Advance Education And Computer Services – All Students were good and very creative. Taking one name would be very difficult
U&I Trust – Both, Benita and Charanya were very enthusiastic and always met their deadlines.
Goobe’s Book Republic  – One of the students came up with a mystery book package, which we did and was a little popular with some customers.
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