Here is the roundup on the events of the week, 10th – 15th June 2019 at Ekya School Byrathi. We tested the creativity of our students in a ‘Let’s Get Creative’ activity and encouraged reading in the ‘Show and Tell’ workshop.

Find below more information and pictures on both events:

Event 1: Let’s Get Creative – It’s time to explore new ideas and learn from our surroundings, our budding scientists said!

Our little scientists were excited to discover and create a prototype of various things for school improvement. They displayed exceptional creative ideas concerned to waste management, stationary equipment, furniture design, the machine which would simplify hygiene routine and flying garbage cans to name a few.

Grades 1-3 used this occasion to experiment with simple objects such as milk cartons, balloons, bottle caps, straws, and a few basic stationery to make balloon-powered cars and experience physics as easily as possible.

Event 2: Show and Tell: Books and Authors:

Introducing the concept of Book Review, the reading task was assigned to our students from Grade 1 to 7. Our Little Readers (OLR) had a choice to pick up their favorite book/author to explore, perceive and understand literature.

In order to explain the concept, our instructors helped OLRs to build interest in reading. Readers were asked to get their respective books and assemble in the library (Grades 1-3) and courtyard ( Grades 4-8) (to have an apt environment which would help them in the task to showcase their thoughts). To our pleasant surprise, OLRs presented some excellent interpretation of Why They Like The Book. They have to recall stories and share a just about the same (the challenge was not to give out the whole plot of the story!)

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