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Sudeeptha Benya the Grade 12 Commerce topper of Ekya School ITPL with 95%, believes that being attentive in the class has helped her understand the concepts better and makes it easy to clarify the doubts immediately. With an interest in sports, public speaking, dance, her stress buster during exams was music and badminton. Sudeeptha shares her success story with us, read on to know more:

Did you really expect to top the school?

Not really, but I expected good marks as I had performed well in the exams.

Did you have a fixed pattern of study? How did you prepare for the exam?

I do not believe to have a fixed pattern of study. I always focused on being attentive in the class and understanding each and every concept taught by the teachers. I tried to clear my doubts as much as possible and revised all the topics at home thoroughly.

Do solving old question papers help?

Yes, it helps in getting a hang of the question pattern, important questions frequently asked in exams and also helps in time management.

What was your day like during the study holidays?

During the study holidays, I would practice sums and revise the concepts. I took enough breaks to calm and relax.

What was your coping mechanism during the exams? what was your stress-buster?

Listening to music really helped me in coping with the exam stress. I would also play badminton to keep me refreshed.

What was the highlight of your success?

Practice, Hard work, and Consistency helped me in doing well.

And in the age of digital distractions, did you have to stay away from gadgets for the month,

Not at all, but I just limited the use of it.

How did Ekya help in your preparation for the Boards?

The teachers provided us with old question papers and sample papers. They cleared doubts and were patient in explaining the concepts again and again.

How did it feel with the spotlight on you?

It feels good.

The success mantra that you want to share with other students?

Give time for self-study. Work Hard, be Consistent, manage your time properly and practice whatever you learn.

What are your best memories from College?

School trip to Kolar & Open Day Preparations.


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Ekya / April 03, 2024

The Power of Learning with Intent: A Guide to Purposeful Education

In a world brimming with information, the art of learning has evolved beyond the mere acquisition of facts. Learning with intent, a deliberate approach to education emphasises quality over quantity, depth over breadth, and purpose over passive absorption. It’s about cultivating a mindset that transforms knowledge into meaningful action and empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern age effectively.

At its core, learning with intent involves setting clear objectives and actively engaging with the subject matter. Whether exploring a new language, delving into scientific principles, or honing a creative skill, intentionality infuses each learning endeavour with purpose and direction. As Albert Einstein aptly said, "The only source of knowledge is experience." This quote amplifies the importance of active participation and hands-on learning, highlighting that true understanding arises from deliberate engagement with the material.

Furthermore, engaging actively with the material is paramount. Embrace challenges and embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth. This proactive approach not only deepens your understanding but also cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for success in any field.

Moreover, learning with intent emphasises relevance and applicability. Seek out opportunities to apply newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios, bridging the gap between theory and practice. By contextualising learning within your personal or professional sphere, you enhance its significance and utility, making it more likely to stick.

In conclusion, learning with intent is a transformative approach that transcends traditional notions of education. By setting clear objectives, engaging actively, prioritising relevance, and fostering a growth mindset, individuals can harness the full potential of learning to achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-changing world. So, embark on your learning journey with purpose, and let each lesson propel you towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.

By Sweta Pradeep Rao

Senior English Educator

Ekya School JP Nagar

Ekya / April 02, 2024

Gadget-free Summer Break

With summer vacation around, I urge parents to explore various ways to facilitate children to make healthy choices during their vacation time.

Last week, when we asked our Early Years to visualise their characters and create a story, most of them came up with stories about ghosts and monsters attacking others.  When we had conversations about what gave them this idea, we understood that these story ideas emanated from their online games. While gaming per se develops specific skills and requires focus, it also stifles the imagination of young children. Since it is visually appealing, children tend to remember those images in their heads all the time.

I often see parents providing very young children (1 year to 3 year olds)  with gadgets as the means to keep children engaged and entertained. I see children watching phones in the waiting areas of clinics, hospitals, school lobbies and banks.

This brings us to a fundamental question “ Should children be engaged by parents all the time?” Not necessarily. What is likely to happen if children were not handed over gadgets at the waiting lounges? What would they do? Some of them may cry, some may throw a loud tantrum, and some may crib. If parents show resilience and allow children to settle down themselves, they will soon find ways to keep themselves engaged. Likewise, during summer vacation. What if this is a “no gadget” vacation and parents do not take up the responsibility to engage their children? What would children do? How can parents show resilience here and facilitate children to make healthy choices? I leave the readers with this thought for this summer vacation.

Mathangi R,

Head of School,

Ekya NICE Road.

Ekya / April 02, 2024

The Eye of the Storm

In the hushed embrace of an Indian evening, our journey began, a symphony of anticipation orchestrated by the hum of jet engines and the flutter of boarding passes. The promise of adventure beckoned from distant shores as we boarded our flight bound for the United Kingdom, our hearts aflutter with dreams of far-off lands and newfound horizons. But as we soared through the velvet sky, a foreboding shadow loomed on the horizon, a harbinger of the chaos that was soon to unfold. In the blink of an eye, the tranquil serenity of our airborne sanctuary was shattered by a deafening crack, a burst of purple lightning that danced across the heavens with an otherworldly fervour. The air crackled with electricity as the plane shuddered beneath the force of the storm, its metal frame quivering in defiance against the tempestuous onslaught. And then, in a heart-stopping moment of sheer terror, the heavens unleashed their fury upon us, casting our fragile vessel into a maelstrom of chaos and uncertainty. The sky darkened to a shade of ominous charcoal as the winds howled with a primal ferocity, tearing at the wings of our faltering craft with savage intent. The cabin was awash with panicked cries and frantic prayers as we clung to our seats with white-knuckled desperation, each passing moment stretching into eternity.

And then, as if mocking our feeble attempts at control, the plane tilted almost 180 degrees, its nose plummeting towards the earth with a sickening lurch. Time seemed to stand still as we hurtled towards the ground, our fate hanging in the balance as the world spun wildly out of control. But just when all hope seemed lost, a glimmer of salvation emerged from the chaos, a beacon of light amidst the encroaching darkness. With a mighty roar, the engines surged to life once more, their thunderous symphony drowning out the cacophony of the storm as we clawed our way back from the brink of oblivion. As the storm clouds parted and the sun cast its golden rays upon the horizon, we emerged battered but unbroken, our spirits buoyed by the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. And though our journey had been fraught with peril and uncertainty, we emerged from the crucible of the skies stronger and more resilient than ever before. For in the crucible of adversity, we discovered the true measure of our strength, our courage, and our unwavering determination to defy the odds and chart our course through the tempestuous seas of life. As we touched down on solid ground once more, I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of the world around us, a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul.

Arjun Narasimhan Kuppuswamy

Grade 8C

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The students of Ekya and CMR National Public School went on an Outbound trip to Kodaikanal. In addition to what they learn in the classroom, these trips help children actually explore and understand the things they learn. This trip opened up the world of stars to these young students and they really enjoyed themselves. Here is a detailed report of the trip by one of our young astronomy enthusiasts, Sohan Shanbhag, from Grade 7, Ekya School, JP Nagar. With our suitcases, all packed, twenty-six excited faces embarked on a journey to Kodaikanal. We boarded a 27 seater A/C bus at 8:45 pm on the 19th of April 2019 from Ekya School J.P Nagar, Bengaluru. We were accompanied by Shanti Ma’am and two tour guides. All of us had fun talking to students from CMR NPS and Ekya School B.T.M Layout. According to me, everybody on the bus slept well, this would keep us fresh and energetic for the next day. DAY ONE AT APACHE ADVENTURE CAMP [20/4/19] At 8:00 am, our bus stopped at the end of the Main Road. We got to know that our bus didn’t fit on the road that goes to our camp, so we had to go by jeep. Four jeeps had come to take us. One of them had our loaded suitcases, and the other three took us to the camp. It was about a twenty minute drive from the Main Road. When we reached the camp, we were welcomed by the manager and staff of the camp. Ashutosh, Laksh, Vedant, Arav, Rishabh and I had occupied a tent which had 8 bunk beds. There were two extra beds, so we put all our suitcases in one and all our goodies and valuable things in the other. We also covered them with a blanket so nobody would get to know about our secret hiding place. The tent had an attached bathroom. Every night, we used to decide the order of brushing and taking bath in the morning. On Saturday, I got to bathe first. Unfortunately, I went in too early and the hot water was not available yet. That morning, after everybody freshened up, we left for the canteen to eat breakfast. On our way we were stopped by two of the tour guides who walked up to us and told us that they wanted to talk to us. They introduced themselves- Riyaz Sir was in charge of all the adventure activities. And Sneh Sir was in charge of all the astronomy and museum activities that were in store for us. Sneh Sir told us that post breakfast we would have fun while taking part in the adventure activities; including Burma Bridge, rope walking and many more. After a sumptuous breakfast, with the company of Riyaz Sir, we went down the path towards the adventure activities. After we put on our safety harnesses, we started with the net walking activity; it was quite tough. Then, we walked on a tight rope, on a mini cylinder and even a bridge made out of logs! Zip lining while sitting on a tire was so fun! As soon as we started the zip line, it started drizzling, so we had to postpone the activities to post lunch. After a power-packed lunch consisting of rice, rasam and many other items, we left to do the other activities. We also had to do some survival activities. We went for tea and snacks. After a short break in our tents, we assembled at the canteen for the bonfire. We had a nice time playing Chinese Whispers, singing and dancing. We later had dinner and talked for a while. We went back to our tents and had a party. We shared all the goodies we got from home. According to me, day one at our camp was fun and adventurous. We slept at 11:45 pm, after sharing horror stories! DAY TWO AT APACHE ADVENTURE CAMP AND THE HILLS [21/4/19] We woke up at 5:45 am and freshened up. At around 7:30 am, post breakfast, we went for a trek on the beautiful hills of Kodaikanal. We went down the hill, through large trees. An experienced farmer and Riyaz Sir accompanied us on our way. Many of us got stuck in twigs and roots, but still managed to make our way to our first checkpoint-the waterfall. Shanti Ma’am took many pictures of our group while all of us were posing. Our second checkpoint was the hilltop. This was the first time in two days that we got a strong enough network connection to speak to our families. We went back to the tents and freshened up for lunch. After a hearty lunch, we left for rock climbing. All of us did an exceptional job by climbing above our height. Before the tea break, we made rockets with Sneh sir. We were given all the materials needed. He taught us the fuel and chambers of a rocket. He told that the fuel for our rockets was a dangerous chemical called ‘Dihydrogen Monoxide’ and if it fell on us, it would harm our skin. Cautious but excited, we were ready to launch our rockets. All of them went really high and some of the ‘chemical’ fell on our skin. We panicked a lot and asked each other if our skin looked different. Sir later told that he tricked us! It was nothing but the water [H2O]. We had a good laugh! Then we started our next task-making a sky wheel, which acts as a guide to locate constellations. We had to cut and stick paper. We noticed that many Harry Potter characters were named after constellations like Draco Malfoy, Sirius Black, and Bellatrix Lestrange. We later had tea and cake. Then, we went back into our tents and rested for a while. At around 7:00 pm, we assembled at an open and leveled area. Five people were sleeping and refused to come. We were there to learn how to assemble the parts of a telescope. We were able to magnify and find stars and constellations. Looking at the stars was quite fun. At around 7:45 pm, we went for dinner. After having hot and fresh Masala Dosas, we back into our tents and rested for about a couple of hours. Later, at around 9:30 pm, we were called near the telescope to observe the Moon and its craters. All of us were talking about the Rabbit on the Moon. We had to wait for about fifteen minutes for the clouds to clear up before we could see the Moon. The Moon definitely had to treat all of us for waiting to see it! We went back into our tents and slept by 11:30 pm. DAY THREE AT KODAIKANAL [22/4/19] After freshening up by 7:30 am, we left for breakfast. A jeep came, and it loaded our suitcases as we were leaving the camp. We hopped on and went towards the bus. We boarded the bus and left for the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory. Over there we learned about the layers and spots on the sun and how the telescope can magnify the sun. We then had lunch at a restaurant. After lunch, we left for the Shenbagnur Museum of Natural Sciences. The animals were real, but not alive- they had been preserved. Then we went to Bryant Park. We observed different types of flowers. We played running and catching in the open ground. We left the park at around 5:45 pm. Before dinner, we played some songs on the bus. At around 7:15 pm, we went to Domino’s Pizza for dinner. We played some word games while eating. We left Kodaikanal taking with us all the good memories we shared there. This was around 8:15 pm. TO CONCLUDE: This trip to Kodaikanal was absolutely amazing. I would like to thank Shanti Ma’am, Ekya School and our parents for giving us the opportunity to explore Kodaikanal. We were sad after leaving Kodaikanal but at the same time happy reaching home.
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Avenues For Commerce Students

There is a myth that a commerce student can pursue a career only in accountancy, but globalization, technological advancement and the concept of e-businesses have expanded the scope of commerce stream. Commerce in the current scenario ranges beyond mere numbers or accountancy domain. Based on the demand for commerce professionals a wide spectrum of subjects, specializations are introduced in the commerce stream. Some of the popular professional fields for the commerce students are; Corporate Law, Law, Economics, Chartered Accountancy, Cost & Management Accountancy, Company Secretaryship, Chartered Financial Analysts, Banking, Insurance, Finance Operations, Human Resource Management, Finance Management, Tax Consultant, Marketing Management, International Business, Technology Management, Stock Brokers, Mutual Funds, Corporate Communication, Infrastructure Management, Financial Planning, Financial Economics, Portfolio Management, teaching, journalism, Hospital Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Market Research, Retail Management, Media Management, Rural Management, entrepreneurship, Fashion designing, interior designing, and many more. Here is a list of regular courses for commerce students: Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Chartered Accountancy (CA) Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) /B.Com (Hons.) Bachelors in Economics Bachelor of Law (LLB) Bachelor of Statistics Company Secretary (CS) Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) Bachelor of Finance and Accounting (BFA) B.Sc. Applied Mathematics B.Sc (Actuarial Science) Apart from the regular courses, a commerce student can pursue other popular courses such as: BA in Humanities & Social Sciences B.Sc in Hospitality & Travel Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) BA in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing) BA in Hospitality & Travel Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC) Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) B.Sc in Design BHM in Hospitality & Travel BA in Animation B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia B.Des in Animation Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) Diploma in Elementary Education (El.Ed) Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Bachelor of Event Management (BEM) Every organization whether it is Public Organizations, Big or small Business houses, Finance, and Leasing, Banks, MNCs, BPOs, Software companies or NGOs need commerce students in their business at different levels. Availability of many professional options, flexibility in the choice of subjects is making commerce a popular stream for students.
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