We all know about Butterfingers, right? the boy who manages to mess up anything he lays his hands on? But do we know who gave rise to him? It was a brilliant and creative mind of Ms. Khyrunnisa who brought this clumsy yet hilarious boy into our lives. We had the honor to have her pleasant acquaintance in our school.  We had no idea that her talk would make us roar with laughter.

She started off by an amusing quote which was “Lecturers are people who talk in children’s dreams.” On this, not only us but even the teachers started to giggle and laugh. I was impressed and Ms.Khyrunnisa grabbed our attention by her sense of humor that made not only the students but teachers also laugh. She narrated the first of her 4 novels about Butterfingers. The first novel tells us the story of how Amar aka Butterfingers and his group of friends designed a unique game called “Crack It!” as their cricket gear gets swiped. It also reveals the departure of a certain character which was so well written that it even got a boy from 7th grade in tears. She also briefly narrated the story of her second book which goes something like this: ‘The boys of Green Park School are obsessed with football and our dear Butterfingers has a brilliant idea which is to organize a football tournament where each class gets to play as a country. When they were taking suggestions from the boys of the class, Amar’s absent-minded friend, Arjun, suggests that even India should take part in this.’

The author narrated the story of the rest of the books and none of us had any idea how forty minutes just flew by. When the skilled author was asked who was her inspiration, she revealed that it was her whole family. Everyone wanted to know more about her and asked some questions which, she, answered brilliantly. At the end of the session, she signed some books for us. The talk benefitted me as I learned how to add humor in my stories. This was truly a wonderful experience.

– by Mahashree G Das, Grade 6, Ekya School JP Nagar
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