College and Career Guidance

CCG provides timely initiatives aimed at students, teachers and parents for a purposeful education. We work with the students of grades IX-XII to help them make informed decisions that will benefit them in their journey of self-discovery.

Grade IX - Discover

Students are given the free space to recognize their strengths. They can develop talents outside the classroom to start building their portfolio.

Grade X - Refine

Students get a chance to reflect on their choices and goals. As they choose their stream, they can update their portfolio and develop expertise in their favorite abilities.

Grade XI - Converge

By this stage, a student obtains a good understanding of their post-high school plans. As they begin investigating course and college options, they also attend university sessions and internships. The resume is constantly updated as their plans get crystallized.

Grade XII - Refine

The application into universities is well underway by this point in the student’s life. The students take the relevant tests as they plan their future with a sense of confidence.

ResearchX, Summer Immersion Program, Career Camp, Alumni Connect


ResearchX is a selective research program for senior school students. It offers students a firsthand look at university-level research approaches and the opportunity to be mentored by scholars from CMR University. The program cements an excitement about researching and asking questions that matter to the world.

This coveted program is open to selected students from Grades 11 and 12 and to students passionate about research. The extensive application process includes essays on interests, academic proficiency and career goals. 

Students connect with peers through in-house scientific interest groups and present their learning and insights. In addition, students learn data gathering, analysis and interpretation skills and immerse themselves in projects with real-world applications such as Psychology,Physics, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Career Camp

As a culmination of these experiences, we organise a Career Camp every year to engage the school community in career readiness events and learning opportunities. The event includes panel discussions with esteemed panellists, expert talks, Alumni interactions and University sessions.

Summer Immersion Program

At Ekya Schools, we believe that all students should have a plethora of learning and transformative experiences. The Summer Immersion Programme, in collaboration with CMR University, offers an opportunity for students of classes 9-12 to discover their passion and understand university education. This project-based programme helps students strengthen their skills by offering exciting courses that provide a solid foundation to succeed in college and beyond.

During this two-week programme, students become immersed in engaging topics and issues through learning environments focused on real-world, hands-on experiences in the University labs, libraries, and maker spaces.

Students learn from distinguished University faculty members who are experts in their field of study, work with college students and Teaching Assistants passionate about their chosen domain of interest and experience college resources for two weeks.

At the end of this intensive course, students present a final project at the summer program showcase.

Alumni Connect

Ekya Schools has to its credit a host of impressive alumni who has scaled great heights and set new standards for the aspirants to come. Alumni Connect is a platform to foster continuous engagement of the alums with their alma mater.

The alumni contribute immensely to the development of the student community through regular interactions that include expert talks, exam preparation pointers, mentorship, and the like. In addition, students can hear from their seniors about their journey and experiences from college to the corporate world.


Our Senior School provides internship opportunities during summer break, as part of the work exposure program. Our students are able to get a feel of the workplace for the first time in their lives. They are able to obtain real-time industry exposure to become practical in their thinking and develop street-smart competencies. Students get an engaging experience by working with reputed institutions who are willing to nurture them. Dynamic workspaces help the students become independent, find their field of interest, and excel. The WEP is specifically for Grades IX-XII and lasts only 1 month.

The Work Exposure Program (WEP) 2023, aimed at equipping students with real-world professional experience. Running from April 10th to May 12th, this program provided students a 6-8 week immersive experience in various leading organisations in Bengaluru, enhancing their understanding of teamwork, time management, networking, and other professional nuances. In total, 26 organisations participated, offering 133 positions, with 109 students getting accepted and 74 successfully completing their internships. The process entailed resume building, organisation matching, and daily work logs to track progress. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Partners like CRY and Genex Space lauded the quality of work from students, while students themselves valued the exposure and learning gained.

The Work Exposure Program (WEP) 2022, conducted post-lockdown, was a unique blend of online, offline, and hybrid internships that catered to students from various sectors, including Robotics, Digital Marketing, Space Research, Community Service, and more. Partnering with 12 diverse companies, the program provided 200 open positions, from which 57 students successfully completed their internships. The initiative was marked by its dynamic approach, emphasising student convenience with tools like the WEP Journal for daily task tracking. Despite challenges like pandemic-driven partner dropouts and clashing exam schedules, WEP 2022 stood out as an enriching experience, giving students a practical exposure to their fields of interest.

Launched on January 4th, the aim of this year was to upskill students in areas such as interior design, architecture, content curation, branding, digital marketing, quality and compliance, stock markets, PR, horticulture and motor sports. The program was online as well as offline, with 13 unique organisations offering more than 200+ summer internship opportunities. The event was a successful endeavour that saw over 270 applicants taking part.

The organisations we coordinated with, included CRY, AVASAR Foundation, Diya Foundation, XLR8, AECS, Sandesh, U&I, Photomojo, Jobs For Her, Green Pocket, Dr. Zamindar’s Microsurgical Clinic, Casa de Goa, Crazy Holidays, Reap Benefits and Samarthanam. The program was exclusively a ‘work from home’ module. The WEP with CRY (Child Rights and You) saw our students organising a fundraiser to help impoverished children and their families as a part of the COVID-19 relief. The students worked on social media promotion links to generate 2 lakh rupees within 2 weeks. The effort was nationally recognised by the Times of India on 21st May and the Indian Express on 22nd May.

Ekya partnered with organisations like XLR8, Olive Planet, Play Arena, The Green Pocket, Globes Book Republic, Vita Beans Neural Solutions, Arius Holidays, Photmojo, Reap Benefits, Bengaluru FC, Lodestar and Crazy Holidays. We also collaborated with NGOs such as U&I, Sandesh, AVASAR Foundation, Key Education Foundation, Diya Foundation, Indus Action, Udhyam Learning Foundation and CRY.

Our summer internship program with Key Education Foundation helped children empathise with the struggles of children from low-income families. The students involved tried to devise ways to bridge the education gap so everyone could access early quality education. The internship at Photomojo was a delightful opportunity for students interested in photography and videography production to get their first experience working under a recognised organisation.

Udhyam Learning Foundation organised a one-month session with Ekya, wherein students were taught how to think like a businessman by placing them in real-life business scenarios based on their interests and strengths. It helped to nurture entrepreneurial competencies within them. As a part of the Actor’s Collective, several initiatives were arranged. Diya Ghar, helped teach rhymes to underprivileged children. The Spastic Society of Karnataka organised a program to assist children with disabilities in performing skits and expressing themselves. Playback theatre was introduced to the students in this program.

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