We bustled through the uniform staircases of CMR NPS, chattering amongst each other about how the Talks would be. Finally, we reached the auditorium, scanned the familiar place, and scouted across the sea of students for a place to sit. We were indeed late, but we made sure not to create a distraction and soon found seats in the back.

An expert speaker from Plaksha University and LaSalle College welcomed us into the first section of our eventful day. Both universities made sure to entice us with their benefits and painted a picture in our minds of our typical day in their college. Smiling and reconsidering our options for college, we awaited the next part of our day, Resume Building.

The resume-building activity started with the expert speaker introducing us to the generic format of writing resumes; she made sure to inform us what to write, what not, and how to phrase your achievements in a way that convinces the receiver to ‘draft’ you. After a quick question-answer session, she bid us good luck and farewell.

The third part of our day was with a professional architect and doctor; this, by far, was my favourite part of the day, as they gave a glimpse at their life and an insight into how they reached the position they are in now and why they decided to pursue their ambitions and passions. They motivated us to go out there, find our love, follow it, take advice from those around us and always have a second perspective on such life-changing decisions. They gave us informative advice that I will imbibe in my life.

They all split into pairs in the last session and visited different workshops. We were presented with various options for spending our last few hours; we were all scratching our heads; so many good options….Ravinder Koushik, Manoj  Kumar Agrawal, Dolly Nihalani Desai, Gaurav Madan, Sheetal Soni, and Deepthi Naik. After debating the possibilities for a long while, I chose the Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Gaurav Madan. He provided information on how to go ahead with a filmmaking career and what not to do. Although I do not have any particular interest in the topic, I always wanted to keep my choices open, so this session was definitely with it.

James Josephs

Grade 9 IGCSE

Ekya Schools, Byrathi


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