The students of Ekya School ITPL and CMR PUC gathered on the 1st of September to listen to an expert talk by Prof. Murali, an architect and a professor at CMR University.

He started the talk with a little introduction about himself. He then asked us to differentiate between careers and jobs, questioning if they were different at all? We’d received some interesting answers from the students. He went on to explain the difference. When he asked the students, how many wanted to go for a career and how many for a job, a majority chose a career. Showing how most of us would rather take a career that you are passionate about rather than taking a job just to earn a living.

He then asked the students to list all the career options that they knew of. A lot of students came up with varied careers. As and when the students named a career he jotted them down on a whiteboard until it was filled. He affirmed the students for being aware of so many careers. He even said that if this would have taken place a couple of years ago they would’ve hardly had a list of 5 options. He discussed on each career. He also told that the career like a teacher and a social worker is so much more than a career because they not only mould their own life but also of others, they bring a change into the world. Talking about careers, he taught us the difference between art and design. He explained how art is an expression of oneself while the design is art put into certain dimensions.

Mr Murali talked about the things that influence our career choices, like passion, parents, friends, media, role models and even the rye job market. He also discussed the requirements for careers like creativity and aptitude. He told the students how important it is to take up a job that you’re passionate about or doing something that aligns with your interests just like how he decided to become a toymaker as he also gets to play with the toys he makes. He also talked about the jobs that arise out of need and how they are important as well. He said it was necessary that we have a job we can fall back on in case a need arises. He talked about getting to milestones in your career and proceeding after that. He also told the students how important it is to not leave any opportunity that’ll help you enhance a skill. Be it an art exhibition or a science project or a programming course, we must always be open and ready to improve our skills.

On the whole, it was a very interactive session with a lot of students eagerly answering all the questions that he asked them and Mr Murali, in turn, answering various questions that the students had. It was quite an interesting talk that I’m sure pushed all of us a step forward in our paths towards career planning.

~ Jessica Chris J, Grade XII-B, Ekya ITPL

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