Students of Ekya School ITPL had put an entire month of hard work for the display and sale on Independence Day. From T-shirts to earrings, lip balms, nachos, cake balls, rolls – you name it, they had it. With hundreds of parents meandering through the halls, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to display their impressive creative talents. The school managed to raise a grand sum of 80,000 rupees which was presented to Sankara Eye Hospital to fund their community service, during the recent visit of Grade 10 students to the hospital.

Community service bundled with such immense learning left our students elated and they penned down their experience. Read on to know what our students have to say.

In the words of students of Grade 10, Ekya School ITPL

“On arriving at Sankara Eye Hospital, Dr. Parmeshwar gave us a brief itinerary of the day and then proceeded to give us a thorough and exquisite tour of the hospital. He gave us the opportunity to view a live cataract surgery. We were left us in awe when he told us that they conduct at least 120 cataract surgeries in a day! It is a simple procedure that takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

After the tour, we were led into the auditorium where we were shown several videos about the hospitals’ current machine- Nannakannu- which translates to ‘my eyes’ in Kannada and is called mission Rainbow in other parts of India. The hospital had set up camps in the districts of Karnataka where the employees of Infosys conducted check-ups for over 10000 children.

We were shown a short film that greatly touched our hearts, about how a child vision accounts for 75% of their learning. Shortly after, Dr. Soumya gives an informative lecture about several eye problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and amblyopia and how to correct them. After which the staff gave us a few snacks to eat.”

“Overall the trip was truly enlightening and awe-inspiring and many of us left the hospital with a feeling of gratitude and happiness in our hearts. It felt wonderful to know that our hard work is being utilized for a good cause and that our money could help so many people.

The trip was an eye-opening and humbling experience that got the empathetic feeling out of me. I realized how privileged I am to have the gift of vision. The entire Hospital tour gave me a new perspective on my medical career. It was astonishing to see the specialization of the doctors for each part of the eye. In the visitors’ gallery, we could watch a live cataract surgery where the lens was removed and placed into the eye.

The community wards were heart-wrenching. People from rural areas were given accommodation, food, medicine and surgeries were performed free of cost. We could also attend a talk with the ophthalmologists. I thank Ekya schools and the entire management for conducting this trip and help us in learning so much which was to last for a lifetime.

I feel contented and highly satisfied for the efforts I put into raising the funds. We could donate the hospital a large amount of money and give many people their gift of vision. Once again I would like to thank the entire management of Ekya for such a wonderful trip and experience.”


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