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Students of Ekya School ITPL had put an entire month of hard work for the display and sale on Independence Day. From T-shirts to earrings, lip balms, nachos, cake balls, rolls – you name it, they had it. With hundreds of parents meandering through the halls, it was an excellent opportunity for the students to display their impressive creative talents. The school managed to raise a grand sum of 80,000 rupees which was presented to Sankara Eye Hospital to fund their community service, during the recent visit of Grade 10 students to the hospital.

Community service bundled with such immense learning left our students elated and they penned down their experience. Read on to know what our students have to say.

In the words of students of Grade 10, Ekya School ITPL

“On arriving at Sankara Eye Hospital, Dr. Parmeshwar gave us a brief itinerary of the day and then proceeded to give us a thorough and exquisite tour of the hospital. He gave us the opportunity to view a live cataract surgery. We were left us in awe when he told us that they conduct at least 120 cataract surgeries in a day! It is a simple procedure that takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

After the tour, we were led into the auditorium where we were shown several videos about the hospitals’ current machine- Nannakannu- which translates to ‘my eyes’ in Kannada and is called mission Rainbow in other parts of India. The hospital had set up camps in the districts of Karnataka where the employees of Infosys conducted check-ups for over 10000 children.

We were shown a short film that greatly touched our hearts, about how a child vision accounts for 75% of their learning. Shortly after, Dr. Soumya gives an informative lecture about several eye problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and amblyopia and how to correct them. After which the staff gave us a few snacks to eat.”

“Overall the trip was truly enlightening and awe-inspiring and many of us left the hospital with a feeling of gratitude and happiness in our hearts. It felt wonderful to know that our hard work is being utilized for a good cause and that our money could help so many people.

The trip was an eye-opening and humbling experience that got the empathetic feeling out of me. I realized how privileged I am to have the gift of vision. The entire Hospital tour gave me a new perspective on my medical career. It was astonishing to see the specialization of the doctors for each part of the eye. In the visitors’ gallery, we could watch a live cataract surgery where the lens was removed and placed into the eye.

The community wards were heart-wrenching. People from rural areas were given accommodation, food, medicine and surgeries were performed free of cost. We could also attend a talk with the ophthalmologists. I thank Ekya schools and the entire management for conducting this trip and help us in learning so much which was to last for a lifetime.

I feel contented and highly satisfied for the efforts I put into raising the funds. We could donate the hospital a large amount of money and give many people their gift of vision. Once again I would like to thank the entire management of Ekya for such a wonderful trip and experience.”


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editorialclubitpl / October 10, 2023

The Truth of Time

The Truth of Time

The mountain tops shiver As the snow begins to shower The water flows to cover The secrets of the river.

The birds trill near the lake As the morning sun awake The lion cub to take The crown for the sake.

The windows patter The things clatter The world scatter As our deeds matter

Isana G K
Grade 7
Ekya Schools, ITPL

editorialclubitpl / October 10, 2023

Financial literacy from an early age

It’s Jan 2022, I am in grade 6 as a substitute teacher. I ask the students to introduce themselves. They also get curious to know about me. As soon as I tell them that I am a senior grade teacher and I teach Accounts and Business studies, they are intrigued. The word Business catches their attention and some of them express their interest in Finance.
Now, I was fascinated to hear the word finance from such young children. Particularly fascinated by a young student Ms Ahaana Shetty, who explained how she manages her pocket money, as taught to her by her father. She had a clear understanding of creating a balance between saving and spending.
This was not the case in the earlier times. We can quote examples of celebrities who, despite having earned a fortune, burnt their hands at poor financing decisions. Amitabh Bachan’s ABCL took on more than it could handle, like the Miss World pageant, and exhausted all money. Then it took bank loans which it couldn't repay. Mr. Bachchan had retired, so there was no income and no savings. The moral of the story is, that even if people earn astronomical sums, they need to invest it so that it keeps growing.
Having said that, it boils down to the fact that financial literacy at an early age is pivotal for building a strong foundation for financial well-being throughout life. Teaching children about money, budgeting, savings and investments from a young age will help them make informed financial decisions. They can avoid the financial perils faced commonly by people.
The challenge in educating young children about finance would be the financial jargon which they may find overwhelming and difficult to understand. Hence it becomes important to use age-appropriate terminology.
As parents, we can give a reasonable amount of allowance to our children and ask them to use it wisely for needs, and wants and also save a part of it. This will help them to understand the concept of budgeting. We must also encourage them to make informed purchasing decisions, look for discounts and become a smart shopper.
A simple step like opening a savings bank account for the child and making them understand how a bank account works will introduce them to the importance of keeping money safe. They will understand how regular savings will grow over some time due to the compounding of interest.
Children must be taught about loans too. They need to understand that loans should not be borrowed if one is not sure of financial ability to repay. Also, they need to be taught that loans must be repaid timely, or else they will keep becoming bigger due to accumulating interest.
Older children can be introduced to the concepts of stocks and mutual funds. They can be encouraged to follow investments over time and learn about the dynamics of stock markets.
Schools can introduce financial literacy programs and take initiatives to incorporate financial education as part of the curriculum.
I would like to conclude by saying that it is essential for everyone to be financially literate and wisely invest money to grow it. It is equally important to keep track of investments. One should not spend more than what one earns, even if the earnings are enormous, otherwise, the money will not last very long. Remember, it is your money.

editorialclubitpl / October 10, 2023

A Guide To Navigating Academic Stress

Academic pressure and impending board exams can feel like an overwhelming storm, but as a 10th-grade student who's been through the burnout ringer, I've discovered effective strategies to stay afloat. When stress creeps in, I lean on a toolbox of coping mechanisms that help me maintain balance and clarity.

Understanding my panic patterns has been key. I've learnt that giving my all is important, but the outcome isn't a mirror of my worth. I remind myself of this and reframe my perspective. To escape my study-clogged mind, I turn to books – they whisk me away to new worlds, however briefly. Music acts as a soothing balm; I limit panic to 5 minutes and then channel my energy into finding solutions.

Engaging in physical activities is another lifesaver. Running or spending time outdoors channels my pent-up energy, allowing my mind to reset. Moreover, taking up hobbies like painting or playing a musical instrument provides a welcome distraction and cultivates a sense of accomplishment beyond academics.

Remember, you're more than your grades. Embrace your unique strengths, employ these strategies, and watch stress lose its grip. With determination, self-awareness, and a dash of escapism, you'll breeze through the academic whirlwind.

Written By: Ahaana Singhal Student of Grade 10

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Ekya JP Nagar attends Art Camp at CMR University

Exploring Art 

We had the amazing opportunity to attend an art camp at CMR University and interact with artists from different parts of India. Each artist had a unique style of art. We saw acrylic/oil paintings, oil pastel art, and artwork with charcoal. It was incredible how artists used the medium of canvas and paint to create original works of art. We learned about woodcut art, which was used to make more than one copy of a piece before machines were invented. We observed how artists use different tools and materials to produce their desired results. Usually, in art galleries, we see the finished product, but here we saw work in progress and the steps it takes to complete an art piece. Outside the art room, we also saw metal sculptures in the making. The fun part is, we dug our hands in paint and created our own artwork. The entire experience was fun and educative.

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Ekya School ITPL at Coorg

Trip to Coorg - Class XII

The last trip of our schooling years had finally been planned. The moment had come and we were nothing but excited. We’d planned about this for a while with a whole lot of surprises and things to do while we were out together, forget all record work, upcoming tests and just have fun. It began on the cold morning of Friday, the 23rd of November. We were asked to assemble in the school at 3:30 AM and of course, no one was late. Ms. Sonali, Ms. Devika, and Ms. Livija were going to accompany us. The bus arrived and we all bid goodbye to our parents and left for the journey. We were so excited that no one acknowledged the fact that it was 4 in the morning. We played music and danced. Everyone brought a lot of food and chocolates to nibble on. It was around 10:30 AM by the time we stopped for breakfast at a cute little place called “Cute Resort” near Ranganathittu. Fueled up for the rest of the journey everyone was energized and danced all way to Coorg where we checked into a place called “The Minister’s Kourt” near Kushalnagar. We were asked to freshen up and rest for a while before we started our sightseeing. All of us checked in and made sure our rooms were close to those of our friends- how could they not? We had lunch at the hotel and left for our first tourist spot - Abbey Falls. The long journey to the mesmerizing falls was completely worth it. Even after reaching the falls we had to walk down a park to view the falls. Its one of the early reaches of the river Kaveri. A nice little place with amazing scenery, one of the must-see places in Coorg. We then continued our journey to this place called “Raja’s Seat” which was more or less a sunset point, situated on a hilltop giving us the most breathtaking view of the majestic western ghats. The hilltops and blue color of the sky were just mind-boggling. All of us took loads of ‘instagram’ worthy pictures and made quite a few memories. A few minutes away from the park was a famous temple, Omkareshwara Temple, which was a historical place. It was a large place with a holy lake in between. Lucky for us, it was Karthik Purnima (Karthikai Deepam) and we considered ourselves blessed to be present there on such an auspicious moment. With the shining white full moon above our head, we headed back to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, we all got together in one room and spent some quality time together. Despite our teachers’ warning we only slept later after midnight. The hotel was ‘kind’ enough to give us a wake-up call at 6:30 AM. Everyone took their time to freshen up and came down for breakfast by 8. Our first stop for the day was the famous Dubare Elephant Camp. The most awaited part was the boat ride to the camp. We got in line for our turn and took the boat across the water body to look at some of the most fascinating animals to walk this earth. A whole bunch of elephants, some young, some old. We saw them involved in various activities including one trying to save its friend from a maze and another having lunch. It was something we enjoyed looking at. Some of us were also lucky enough to feed the beautiful creatures while the rest of us were dying to take one home. This activity took a lot of time, and we made it back to the hotel for lunch at around 1 PM. Whilst we were there, we all checked out of our rooms and packed ourselves up for the journey back to Bangalore. This, of course, doesn’t mean we were done with the sightseeing. We continued to two places after lunch - Kaveri Nisargadhama and the Tibetan Monastery. Nisargadhama is a beautiful park full of bamboos plants. Watching herds of deer sleep and chilling in the park was somehow the happiest moment of this trip. After some shopping (chocolates, coffee, hats) we made our way to the rides and games- The Columbus, 360 spin ride and the mirror maze to name a few. Some of them even managed to get temporary tattoos on their hands. The second place was one of the most peaceful and beautiful places we’ve ever seen. Pictures don’t do justice to such a mesmerizing place. The monastery's full name is Thegchog Namdrol Shedrub Dargyeling, called "Namdrolling or Namdroling" for short. We all learned a lot about Tibetan culture and had one of the best momos. This marked the end of sightseeing and we started our journey back home. It was a fun filled 7 hours we spent on the bus with all the dancing and the food. We stopped at McDonald's for dinner. It was around 1 AM when we reached school and had to bid goodbye, this time to our friends. It was a much-awaited trip for us and a much-needed break from all the stress. A shoutout to Amazing Holidays who planned the package and kudos to all the people involved in making this trip the best we’ve had. Written by Manali Tanna and Rishab Dhotrekar, Grade XII-A, Ekya School ITPL

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